More Cute Pics of Caleb


Caleb loves the piano. 


Caleb loves reading books.  If I’m busy, Caleb will read it out loud to himself.  Of course, I haven’t been able to understand his renditions of the books yet.


Pupu bought me this wawah (wagon).  I like to pull it all by myself too.

Happy 1-Month Birthday, Caris!

One month later, Caris now weighs in at 8lb, 15oz (9lb, 3oz after feeding, though).  That’s pretty good for a baby that started out 4 weeks ago at only 5lb, 11oz.  She’s also 21.25 inches long, up more than 2 inches from birth. 

Being 2nd born, Caris has kind of gotten shafted in a lot of areas.  Pictures is one of those areas.  It’s time to be better picture takers with our little girl.  When I have a moment, I’ll download the pictures we do have and try to post some up.  She is a cutie.

Already Growing

Caris was born at 5 pounds, 11.4 oz.  By the time we left the hospital (2 days later on Wednesday), she was 5 pounds, 7 oz.  At her 1st pediatrician appt last Thursday, she was down to 5 pounds, 6 oz.  It’s normal for babies to lose up to 10% of their birth weight in the first week.  The goal is for them to be back to their birth weight by the end of their 2nd week.  At her follow up appt yesterday, Caris weighed in at 5 pounds, 14 oz.  She’s already bigger than her birth weight.  Like her brother, she likes to eat.  Go Caris!

Music Class

Caleb is still taking his music class.  He has so much fun, and Chris & I do too.  The past 2 Saturdays, Caleb has had his grandfathers visit with him at class.  Chris’ dad went 2 weeks ago.  There was a substitute, so it wasn’t quite as exciting.


My dad went last Saturday.  It was lots of fun.  One little 16 month old girl took a liking to my father.  She went up to him and laid in his lap and fell asleep!  Here’s a picture of gong-gong dancing with this little girl, Sophia.



As a side note, there’s a child in this music class who is an amazing sleeper/napper.  His name is Diego and he’s over 6 months old.  This boy literally curls up in his mom’s arms to tell her he’s tired.  They put him on the hard floor on his back with everybody singing and dancing and clanging on musical instruments.  And he still falls asleep.  Amazing!


LA Arboretum

Caleb likes to go to the Arboretum for picnic lunches.  And he loves to chase the geese.  This boy literally drags mommy (since he still likes to hold onto 1 or 2 hands while walking) to keep up with the geese.




Toys Galore

People think Caleb has a lot of toys (and we think he does too).  But I took him to a playdate and let me tell you… this little girl has a lot of toys.


The Race

So, in 2nd place is… the left incisor just adjacent to center one that showed its tip 2-3 days ago. In a close 3rd place is… nope, not the other center incisor… but the tooth to the right of it. That right central incisor is coming in dead last, but not by much.

Our baby has 5 teeth already with the 6th almost here. only 14 more baby teeth to go, Caleb!

I tried to get a picture of his mouth, but was unsuccessful. His upper gum is sooo swollen. Looks pretty painful to me.