Mother’s Day

So, my hubby went all out for mother’s day this year.  If you know Chris, he’s totally not a planner, but he pulled off planning mother’s day stuff for me this year.  🙂

Chris worked at night for several days before mother’s day.  Then, he took Friday off.  I felt really tired Friday morning, so he took Caleb to his music class.  I stayed home with Caris.  Of course, Caris decided to not nap very long, but I still rested.  Then, in the afternoon, Chris sent me to a fancy spa for a 2 hour massage.  This place was nice… there was a quiet room with short Japanese tables, cushions, & tea.  Then there was this strange yellow clay room… and another room where you lay on rocks while you bask in this extraordinary heat.  They had another quiet room with sofas and comfy chairs… and sleep beds… with aromatherapy and cookies (yum!).  There was a wet sauna room and a dry sauna room… and a jacuzzi.  I got a 2 hour massage, but they also have special rooms for a milk bath and a mud bath.  Interesting.  So before I left the house for this spa place, Chris tells me he doesn’t want me back before 5PM.  I laughed because I didn’t know this place had so much stuff there.  And I’ve forgotten how much I cherish my quiet, alone time.  As a mom, you rarely have time to yourself.  Even with that truth, it can be such a lonely role.  Seems ironic to say that you can be lonely when you’re never by yourself when you have kids, but it’s true.  So when I got there, I just relaxed and spent some nice time with God.  Before I knew it, it was already 5PM and my breasts were telling that they were way overdue for feeding Caris.  So, i had to quickly take a shower and get home.  I didn’t even use their shower “pretty me up” amenities.  They have face toner, a flat iron, blow dryer, sterilized hair brushes, etc.  Fancy, I tell you. 

When I got home, Chris had cut me roses from our backyard (he knows I hate the idea of wasting money on buying flowers).  He had this cute sign saying, “I love you, Mommy,” and there were pics of my kids holding the sign.  Very cute.  Thanks, hubby!  I love you!!!


IMG_3981 IMG_3982

IMG_3986 IMG_3987