My, How I’ve Grown

[Caleb just celebrated his 8 month birthday on Wednesday, 3/27.  Happy birthday, baby boy!]


I’ve got 8 teeth now.  Can you see them when I smile big?



I can brush my own teeth now… kind of.



I’ve really excelled in my music class.  This is how we play those jingle bell things.



I’m getting faster, but I still crawl like I’m a soldier.



I like to pull myself up on anything I can. 



I’m fine tuning my pincer grasp.  I’ve gotten much better at eating cheerios, except for those few slippery ones that just don’t want to stay in my mouth.



I’ve learned some new tricks along the way.



I’ve even learned how to shake my head no. 


[We love you so much, baby Caleb!  It’s so fun watching you learn new things.]

Gonna get you, kitty

So, Caleb is learning to crawl.  Here’s some running commentary on one of his attempts.

I’m tired of playing with my ball. I see you, kitty.


I’m gonna get you, kitty.


Here I come.


Wait for me, kitty!!!


OK, so Caleb isn’t that fast yet.

Family Devotions

We’re trying to start the discipline of setting time aside for family devotions. 


It’s been quite interesting for all of us.  Either Chris or me reads and the other tries to stop Caleb from eating the Bible.

I got all my incisors, better to eat my food with

Caleb officially has 8 teeth now. His bottom side incisors came in next. His top central incisor truly came in dead last out of all 8, but it’s here now.

It’s been a rough, fussy week for Caleb. He’s had it tough with these 6 teeth coming in… and having a cold/flu, constipation, etc… Please pray he starts sleeping well again. This mommy wants to enjoy sleep again.

Here’s a picture of my not-so-happy Caleb. Unfortunately, this has been his face of the week.

Caleb’s first carousel ride.

Caleb’s already pulling up. He started doing that before he was even crawling. Here’s a pic of him standing.


More pics to come.

7, 8, 15, 21, 6, 7, 2

Yvonne had posted earlier that Caleb was popping out teeth 3-6 on his top.  After that Yvonne told me that teeth number 7 and 8, the next 2 on the bottom don’t usually come out until 15-21 months.  That’s when the molars and canines come out around the same time too.  So we’re thinking another 5 months or so of good non-teething for our son.

So you know those lower teeth that aren’t suppose to show up until 15 months?  Well they’re here.  And yes.  That’s 6 teeth coming out at one time.  From 2 teeth to 8 teeth in 2 weeks.  No wonder he’s drooling so much.

So besides the teething, Caleb is also sick (as is the rest of the family).  He’s been sick since Wednesday.  He’s got a cold and can’t breathe through his nose well.  He’s been eating much less than he normally does since he’s been sick.

Not only is he teething and sick, but he’s also constipated.  Last night before we put our son to bed, we took his temperature.  As the thermometer was up his butt, Yvonne could feel the poop right on the edge.  So we helped him along.  Helped him along to about 7 inches of poop coming out.  Now for some of you, 7 inches of poop may not seem like much.   But you have to realize that my son is only 28 inches long.  That’s 1/4 his length.  Imagine Shaq dropping a 2 foot deuce.

Anything else besides teething, illness and constipation?  Yup!  He’s just started to crawl as well.  Well he’s not really crawling in your normal baby sense.  But he definitely scoots across the ground.

So what does this all add up to?  Well, Caleb since the beginning of the year has been sleeping extremely well for night time and for nap times as well.  It’s quite an amazing turn around that he’s had since his non-sleeping days, which lasted for his first 6 months. 

Since Wednesday, his sleeping has been pretty bad.  It might be just the sickness messing with his sleep, but it could be and can be everything else that’s going on.  He’s slept some nights waking up only twice, and then some nights waking up every hour.  His naps have gone back to 30 minutes, rather than the 2 hours he had been getting consistently the previous month.

We know Caleb is going through a lot of stuff, but he needs sleep.  He gets sleep, then mommy and daddy get sleep.  If he doesn’t sleep, mommy doesn’t sleep and that doesn’t help anyone.

Please pray that Caleb will get healthy soon and return to his good sleeping patterns.  Please pray that these short naps don’t become a habit, and he’ll return to his long napping again.

The Race

So, in 2nd place is… the left incisor just adjacent to center one that showed its tip 2-3 days ago. In a close 3rd place is… nope, not the other center incisor… but the tooth to the right of it. That right central incisor is coming in dead last, but not by much.

Our baby has 5 teeth already with the 6th almost here. only 14 more baby teeth to go, Caleb!

I tried to get a picture of his mouth, but was unsuccessful. His upper gum is sooo swollen. Looks pretty painful to me.

You’re finally here after waiting 3 months

So Caleb recently turned 7 months. Right before 4 months, he got his first 2 teeth. We’ve seen no teeth activity since then until this past week or 2.

Tooth #3 has finally arrived… top left central incisor. It actually reared its pointy edge 2 nights ago, but poor Caleb’s gums have been so inflamed & swollen that I couldn’t feel the edge anymore for the last 2 days. Today, it’s made its obvious appearance. But wait! It’s not alone. Teeth #4, 5, and 6 are right there waiting for their turn. Caleb is getting his top 4 teeth all at once!!! Some infants get 1 tooth at time; some get 2 at a time. Our baby, though, has decided that cutting 2 teeth at a time is for wimps. He’s going to do 4 at a time. Way to go, Caleb. That’s how to take this whole teething business head on. 🙂