For those of you have been to my house, you may have noticed the ugly plants leading to our front door. And if ever get a chance to be around long enough with me around that front door, you’ll know that I HATE those plants along side the path.  I HATE THEM SO MUCH.  They’re ugly.  The leaves on the plants poke you, even through your pants.  They overgrow the path far too often.  I’m came to a point where I just cut off all the leaves just so they stay out of the path and out of my legs.


Whoever put these plants in made a bad decision.  Or maybe he/she/they didn’t realize how ugly these plants would be.  Or how pokey they are.  Or maybe they just had bad taste.  Whatever the reason, those plants suck.

Caleb likes to run around.  But he still doesn’t have the best of balance yet.  He’s still falling constantly when he’s running.  He was playing around outside this afternoon with mommy, when he came running up to her while she was putting the trash cans away.

He fell.  He fell into the plant.




Those are the spikes sticking out his skin.

I HATE Tile Floors

I HATE tile floors.  Let me repeat that.  I HATE tile floors.

All of our lower floor is tile.  I hated the tile floors to begin with.  They make your feet cold.  They make the house cold.  You can’t sit on tile like you can on carpet.  It just doesn’t give you that warm fuzzy house feeling.  I hate tile floors.

So Caleb likes to climb.  He likes to climb like a monkey.  (ooh ooh)  One thing he likes to climb are the chairs in our dining area which happens to be over tile floor.  So as he is climbing this one time, he overshoots the chair and lands head first onto the tile floor.  He cries of course.  He is a tough monkey, and he can get over a lot of bumps and bruises, but this one was bad.  He had a bad indention in his skull.  Yes, an indention.  He survived though and was just left with a bruise on his forehead.  But that fall was bad, and could have cracked his skull.  With carpet he probably would have hurt himself as well.  Maybe a little carpet burn.  But when he falls, that tile has no give.  All that fall goes straight to his noggin. I HATE tile floors.

Here’s some pictures of the bruise taken today.  It’s hard to see in these pictures, but it was much worse when it happened.