My Shoes

So a few weeks ago, I got a new pair shoes.  Not just any pair of shoes, but ones with balls (basketball, baseball, football, soccer) on it.  And not only do they have balls on them, they also have lights on them.


Iloves those shoes.  Well, I should say that I loved those shoes.  Cause those shoes no longer exist in the Wong household.

That picture above shows me wearing one of the lighted ball shoes.  My other shoes happen to be in Daddy’s car that day.  Daddy was putting on my brown shoes, but I wanted my favorite light shoes.  Well, daddy forgot to switch the shoes after we got in the car.

Daddy forgets a lot of things. The next week Daddy remember to bring the shoes, but he was moving so fast.  We got to class and I had no shoes.  And then Daddy remembered where he left them.  He left them on top of the car.  My shoes went bye-bye.

That’s okay.  Grandma is going to buy me another pair of shoes with lights and balls.

More Cute Pics of Caleb


Caleb loves the piano. 


Caleb loves reading books.  If I’m busy, Caleb will read it out loud to himself.  Of course, I haven’t been able to understand his renditions of the books yet.


Pupu bought me this wawah (wagon).  I like to pull it all by myself too.

Big Brother Caleb turns 21 months old

Caleb is still adjusting to his new baby sister.  He really is trying.  He’s watching and learning…. maybe a bit too much.  Caleb sees Mommy burping Caris.  Caleb tries too… only Caleb can be a little rough with his burping technique.  Caleb sees Mommy wiping Caris’ mouth after being nursed.  Caleb goes up to Caris and tries to do this too.  Oh dear.  Caleb, your sister doesn’t want her whole face covered with the spit cloth.  Caleb sees Mommy rocking the car seat back and forth to settle Caris.  Caleb tries to… You can already picture it, right?  So, yes… my helpful big boy scares this Mommy when he’s around baby Caris. 

We bought Caleb a baby doll.  Someone gave us the idea that, if we could teach Caleb to be gentle with the doll, then he could be gentle with Caris.  Not so.  Then, we thought… maybe Mommy could hand Caleb the doll when he gets jealous that Caris is nursing.  So, instead of trying to pull Caris out of Mommy’s arms, Caleb could hold a “baby" of his own.  That didn’t work either.  Well, I guess Caris now has her first doll.



Caris, enjoy those rare moments when your brother leaves you alone. 



This may be a tough transition time for Caleb, but he’s still going strong with learning & playing.  He’s still our innovative boy.

IMG_3425 (Caleb knows his colors and shapes… lots of them at least.)

IMG_3471 (Caleb loves playing in the sand.)

IMG_3479 (Yes, Caleb put those chairs together himself, climbed up, smiled at me, and said, “Oo, oo”… aka Choo-choo as in a choo-choo train.)

IMG_3533 (Caleb got up onto the chair all by himself, pulled the laptop to the edge of the table, and figured out how to open it.)


And with age, Caleb has become even more of a risk-taker.  He loves to jump off of things like the couch.  He still likes to climb everything.  And his falls seem to be getting bigger as he gets older.

Here are some pictures after he fell right after his Gymboree class this past Tuesday.  Caleb’s first “fat lip.”  He split his lip open and was bleeding everywhere.  It looked far worse than what it really was. 




But as always, our son recovers quickly.



Soon, we’ll be celebrating Caleb’s 2nd birthday.  Can you believe it? 

Happy 2 Month Birthday, Caris!

Caris turned 2 months today!  And she got her first set of shots… 8 vaccines in all.  And, just like when her brother got his shots, she’s been feverish and fussy all day.  She’s been throwing up her Tylenol and breast milk.  Poor Caris.  Good thing they make rectal tylenol.  She seems to be doing much better now.

Caris’ Stats:

23” long – 75th percentile

12#, 1.5oz – 75-90th percentile

Travel Town Museum

On Saturday, we went to Travel Town Museum.  It was Caris and my first time, but Chris & Caleb have been there before for a “daddy/son day.”  We had lots of fun climbing up to see the insides of trains. 





We’re not sure exactly when this happened, but at some point, our son had a huge tear down the left back side of his pants.  He was wearing a dark blue onesie, so the tear wasn’t as obvious as it would have been if a white diaper was showing. 



On our way home from Travel Town, Caris started crying.  She was hungry.  We had cut it pretty close to her feeding time.  The freeway was trafficky, so we decided to pull off and feed her.  I nurse Caris.  Chris chases Caleb around the car.  About 30 minutes later, both kiddos are strapped in their car seats again and we’re on our way.  Caris starts crying again.  This time it’s a “I feel uncomfortable from too much gas and I need to spit-up” cry.  Caleb hates it when Caris cries.  And even more, I think he hates the attention Caris gets from us as we try to verbally soothe her from our front seats.  So, Caleb starts mimicking her cry, but only louder.  Caris gets even more upset with Caleb crying too.  2 crying kids in a car is no fun.  My maternal hormones are going crazy.  But the funny thing is that, as much as the crying was bothering me, it must have been bothering Chris just as much.  My normally calm-driving husband was now gripping the steering wheel and speeding up to try to get home faster.  I couldn’t help but bust out laughing.  I guess there are paternal hormones too???