Baby Chloe’s First Meal Out

We took my mom to Old Spaghetti Factory last night to celebrate Grandparent’s Day. 

Chloe enjoyed her first dining out experience by sleeping in her car seat… the whole time!  I think we may finally have a car seat baby.  Is this what babies do if they like the car seat?  Hope it stays this way.  It makes it so much easier to travel in the car when our baby is happy in the car seat.

IMG_7443 IMG_7445

IMG_7447 IMG_7449

Car Seats Ready to Go

Chris and I made a decision to not get a van or bigger SUV.  It’s just too much of a financial commitment.  We weren’t sure if this was going to work or not, but 3 car seats can fit across the back seat of our compact SUV.  Our kids are going to have to deal with not having a lot of personal space.



On another note, my mommy nesting instincts are kicking into high gear.  I’m having trouble slowing my brain down with my “get ready for baby” task list swarming in my head.  Poor Chris.  He was so tired, but I made him set up the car seat late at night cuz I really needed to take one more thing off of my checklist.  I have a final paper for seminary class due on Sunday (tomorrow).  I have a lot of work to do to finish it, but I’m having trouble focusing to get it done.  Would love your prayers!

Caris Sleeping in Her Carseat

I was driving to a nearby park to take Caleb out to play.  I knew Caris was tired.  From the driver’s seat, I saw her head slumped forward.  I thought she was playing, trying to reach a toy in front of her.  Then I stopped at a light, Caris’ head fell back, and I saw that she was asleep.  But she’s so big now, she doesn’t fit easily into her head rest/support.  We still used it, though, cuz it looks like she’s comfy in it.  But once she pulls her head out of it, it’s hard for her to fit her head back into it.  Mommy has now removed the head rest so Caris’ head can flop anywhere it wants.