Crawling Caris

So our little girl started crawling right before 6 months.  Well, kind of.  She did this modified form of crawling… she looked like a caterpillar.  Pretty much at the same time as this crawling developed, she began sitting up really well.  So, I started letting her just sit.  She seemed to really enjoy this upright position.  I didn’t let her practice tummy time as much.  So, then about a week ago, I started putting her back on her tummy more often.  Caris was not so happy about this change.  But, now she’s back to practicing her crawling.  She’s finally starting to get more control of her mobility, though she’s not yet doing full on hand-knee crawling yet. 



First Movie

Caleb went to see Veggie Tales: The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything this past Tuesday at the Monrovia Krikorian.  It was his first time watching a whole movie… and his first time in a movie theater.  Sorry no pictures of Caleb, but this a milestone to be remembered in our blog.  At least Chris took a picture of the movie screen (see below).

Caleb did better than we had expected.  He watched the whole movie.