Baby Names

I have a few names that I have come up for our baby girl.  I’ll have some descriptions on how we came up with some of these names, but I’ll put the poll up first to not taint the vote.  If you have other suggestions, post it in the comments!

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With the coming of a girl, the name Obadiah is off the table (and thus Obi-Wong is dead).  Of course I couldn’t leave out Star Wars names.  But a little explanation might be needed for some of these names.

Jaina: Based on the post-Return of the Jedi storyline.  Jaina is Han Solo & Leia’s daughter.  She has a long story.

Leia: This should be obvious enough.

Aayla:  Extreme Star Wars nerds will recognize this name.  They’ll know Aayla Secura as the sexy blue jedi from the prequel-trilogy timeline.  Lesser nerds will know her as the blue jedi girl who got shot in the back in Revenge of the Sith. Normal people will not even know she exists.

Hannah:  We just like this name. 

Chloe:  We need some names to match Caleb & Caris.  Starts with C and has five letters.  This fits.  When I think of Chloe, I think of the girl from Smallville.  I always thought Superman should have hooked up with her rather than Lana.

Callie:  Another C name alternative.  Not 5 letters though, so that might be dead before it even gets started.

No Sex For You!!

Why is it that we can’t get the sex of our baby? Why is it that every other pregnant couple we meet can find out the sex of the baby, and we can’t? This is our third baby, and for the third time we have been denied. How am I suppose to come up with baby names now? How am I suppose to register a domain name without knowing the sex and thus name of the baby?

Now we’ll have to come up with 2 names, one for a boy, one for a girl. That’s double the work.

I’ve received some comments saying how terrible my names were. I’ll have to disagree on that. I’ve come up with a few more boys and girls name. You can vote on which is the best!

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Obadiah or JavaScript?

This Friday morning, we will be getting our ultrasound. We have a chance to see the sex of the baby, but knowing our luck, we won’t find out.

With Caleb, we didn’t find out his sex until the third or fourth time we got an ultrasound. Luckily Yvonne worked at the hospital and could use their ultrasound machine after we didn’t find out the first time. With Caris, Yvonne didn’t have ultrasound machine access at the hospital since she no longer worked there. It wasn’t until the 34 or 35 week of pregnancy that we were finally able to find out Caris was a girl.

So what will it be this time? Will I get another chance at Obi-Wong? Or will we have to come up with another girl’s name? I should name her a programming language. Ada? Perl? Ruby? JavaScript? God-willing, we’ll find out Friday.

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Baby Name

Side note:  Caris is farting up a storm right now.

We had decided early on what the name of our girl was going to be.  It was just a matter of deciding if was going to be Caris Elisabeth or Elisabeth Caris.  Now if she had been a boy, that’s a whole different matter.  We had trouble coming up with Caleb’s name.  Now we’d have to come up with another name?

Well I was still pushing for Obadiah (Obi-Wong).  But Yvonne would have none of that.  I think Obi would have love that name.  We eventually settled with Nathan as the first name.  For the middle name, we were going to go with Ezra, I think.  Unless that name meant something like Caleb Joshua.  A very bold meaning in Caleb’s name and so far he’s lived up to it.  We wanted to avoid naming our child a name with a meaning that’s active like Caleb’s.  Nathan Ezra would have been it.

But God has given us our girl.  We may never have a need to use Nathan Ezra unless we decide to have another again.  If that’s the case, then we’ll have to come up with a girl’s name.  I’ve already got her first name picked out.  Hopefully Yvonne won’t veto this one as well.