Crying Caleb

We need to have at least a couple pictures like this on our blog for memory’s sake.  Caleb still has a hearty cry.  These pictures were taken just a few days ago.  Caleb was mad at mommy for turning off his TV after one short episode of Boz.  He wanted more.  He obviously didn’t get what he wanted.



This shows a good view of Caleb’s teeth.  He has all of them now.  We didn’t even notice that he had gotten his last set of upper molars until right before his dentist appointment mid-June, and by then, they were already 1/2 way out.  Way to go, Caleb… you got all your teeth before you even turned 2!

Recent Pictures

The AAP doesn’t recommend TV watching for kids until 5 years of age, but you know what?  Those “rules” go out the door when you quickly learn that your son sits still for at least 2 minutes when watching TV… just enough time for mommy or daddy to cut his fingernails and toe nails. 




Here’s a picture of Caleb in his forward-facing car seat.  He loves the view!  His index finger in his mouth has been a nearly permanent fixture for at least a week.  This boy is drool city.  He has all 8 of his incisors, his 2 top canines, and his four 2-year old molars.  His bottom 2 incisors are busting their way through the gums.  Caleb nearly has 16 of his 20 baby teeth.  Go Caleb! 



Here’s a fun video of me kicking my beach ball around.


I love to imitate mommy.  She butters her bagel.  I try to too.



Hold me, hold me.  “Bao-bao”



How much can I stuff into my snack cup?



Where’s Caleb?  Here I am!