And the teeth just keep on coming…

Caris is getting at least 2 more teeth right now.  The bottom lateral incisors are right under the gum skin.  This now explains why our daughter has become of waterfall of drool.  How come our kids get their teeth so early?  Caris isn’t even 7 months old yet.  (We’ll post pictures of her new teeth when they become more visible.)

At least Caleb is done with his teething for now.  20 pearly whites.  So, why is Caleb still Mr. Drooly?  We haven’t a clue. 


Pictures of Caris

We really need to take more pictures of Caris.  She doesn’t do as much as Caleb yet, so it’s easy to overlook the picture-taking thing… especially when you have a son like Caleb who demands all your attention.




And, yes, our daughter is drooling heaps.  Not quite as bad as her brother yet.  It started about a month ago.  At a little over 3 months, Caleb already had his 1st 2 bottom teeth.  It looks like Caris isn’t too far behind.