Google, Google, Google

Dear Google search engine,

You truly disappoint me.  I can understand putting some Caleb Wong’s with web presence ahead of my son, but there is no one out there famous with the name Caleb Wong.  I mean not yet at least until my son finds the cure for cancer.  But until then my son should remain near or at the top of the search results.  At least on the first page.  Is it because I changed the title of the blog to “Caleb and Caris Wong”?  Searching for Caris will land me the front page, but certainly being 19 months older and many more posts about him should put Caleb up there.

Google search engine, I believe you have made a mistake in your algorithm in determining my son to only be fifth page worthy on your results.  Please rectify this situation quickly.  Otherwise I must assume something is seriously broken on your end.

Chris Wong

New Title

No, that’s not a generic title.  It actually means there’s a new title to the blog if you didn’t notice.  Yeah, I know.  I might take a hit on Caleb Joshua Wong’s Google juice, but it’s no longer accurate.  Besides I need to boot Caris Elisabeth Wong’s web presence. is available by the way, Mr. Su.  Of course I don’t think he reads this site, but I’m sure Mr. Lui will relay the information to him.

Again, I’m doing a Google search for Caleb.  Really, who are these people in front of Caleb?  Are you kidding me?  Is my son really losing traction against these guys?  That’s preposterous.   That’s unacceptable.  And now I have Caris to try to get up there as well?

I have some reorganization to do.  We need to get Caleb content on his domain.  And maybe if Caris get’s a domain too, we can get her web presence up.  My children need to be first page search results.  No more falling back to page 3.  Work needs to be done!

Someone has offered Jeff $200 for  I told Jeff to make a counter-offer of $10000.  Yes, I know it’s only a parked site now, but there will be content on that site soon enough, when I ever get the time to put stuff up.  Unless that sucker actually buys it for 10 grand.

I did a search on Google again for Caleb Wong.  These results keep jumping back and forth.  Last I checked he was on the first page.  And now?  He’s on the third page.  What kind of shenanigans is Google pulling off here?  You guys own me.  My mail goes through you.  My calendar, rss reader, search.  And now you even own my phone.  And you drop my son to page number 3?  Below fools like this and this?  You telling me my 17 month old son’s web presence isn’t greater than this?  I must correct this.

At least Microsoft has it right by putting Caleb #1 on their search engine.  Get it right, Google.

Search Engines

I posted a few months ago about Google not having "Caleb Wong" on the first searched page.  He was on the third page, which wasn’t bad at the time, but it should have been better.  Well after a few months, our "hard" work has paid off.  Caleb Wong is now on the first page.  Caleb is on the bottom of the first page, so we still have more to do.  I want this site #1 on the results.  I want people to hit "I’m feeling lucky" button and go to Caleb’s site.  I believe this will be a worthwhile goal.

Other search engines are doing well too.  Yahoo has Caleb listed number 2.  Live has this site on the first page as well, but it is on the bottom.  Of course Live has got some strange results.  Some of you know the Jeff registered and several months ago for Caleb’s birthday.  That’s great and all, but there’s no content up there yet.  They’re just parked sites now.  Well, Live search results have and #1 and #4 search result.  Hello!  They’re just parked sites.  Hopefully we can get some content on them soon, but there’s nothing on them now.

So yeah.  Avoid even if they do pay you to use their search engine.  These results aren’t promising.

Google Juice

(Wow!  3 posts in a single day)

If you haven’t done it yet, you need to search your name in Google.  I do this every once in a while to see how I’m doing and see what page I land on ("Chris Wong," by the way, is the number 1 search result in Google now).

So I searched for "Caleb Joshua Wong", which is the number 1 result.  No problem there.  How about "Caleb Wong?"  Not on the first page…  Not on the second page…  Third page it’s on.  Not bad.  But not good enough.

So here’s where you can help.  Caleb needs some Google juice.  Referrals to this website.  That’s what we need.  Help Caleb be number 1 in Google just like his daddy.