Google, Google, Google

Dear Google search engine,

You truly disappoint me.  I can understand putting some Caleb Wong’s with web presence ahead of my son, but there is no one out there famous with the name Caleb Wong.  I mean not yet at least until my son finds the cure for cancer.  But until then my son should remain near or at the top of the search results.  At least on the first page.  Is it because I changed the title of the blog to “Caleb and Caris Wong”?  Searching for Caris will land me the front page, but certainly being 19 months older and many more posts about him should put Caleb up there.

Google search engine, I believe you have made a mistake in your algorithm in determining my son to only be fifth page worthy on your results.  Please rectify this situation quickly.  Otherwise I must assume something is seriously broken on your end.

Chris Wong

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