Happy Anniversary

OK, so I just read Chris’ post on closet dwelling.  That post came about from a conversation I had with him earlier.  I was the one wondering whether or not our closet in Louisville will be big/deep enough to hold a crib. 

There’s some background to this thinking.  Let me share.

For our anniversary, I took Chris (and Caleb) for a 1-night stay at Paradise Pier Hotel at Disneyland.  We had annual passes to Disneyland and they were about to expire, and we had decided to not renew them.  So, I thought this would be a perfect little anniversary gift.  Plus, they had just re-opened “It’s a Small World” in Disneyland.  I really did consider a suite, but it was a whole lot more money than I was willing to spend.  Sorry Chris.  So, we were in a regular hotel room (meaning we had no extra room for Caleb).  We went on a Sunday night.  We decided not to go early in the day since there’s church in the morning.  We didn’t want to miss service.  But we ended up not getting to the hotel until 4PM or so since some friends decided to take Chris out to a hotdog place in west LA for his birthday (which had been a week or so before this particular Sunday).  So, by the time we checked in, it was already getting late.  Chris makes a decision to keep Caleb up past his normal bedtime so that we can go to Disneyland and see It’s a Small World.  It’s busy there that day.  Some 1000+ member chorus was there with John Stamos narrating the Christmas story.  It’s a Small World is really busy.  We ended up not going on the ride.  Caleb didn’t do so well staying up late.  We missed dinner in order to try to get to the ride.  Big mistake.  By the time we got back to the hotel and got fussy, overtired Caleb down to sleep, most restaurants were closed.  Chris walks to the Rainforest Cafe to get us food at 10PM.  he gets back.  Oh where are we to eat?  Most normal people would eat in their hotel room, right?  Not us.  Not when we have our light sleeper son in the crib next to our dresser.  No way are we waking him up.  Now, we didn’t just forget that we had a light sleeper son.  We did try to plan this out.  There was this huge closet in the room.  But not huge enough.  We almost put Caleb in the closet, but we couldn’t since the crib didn’t fit.  So our boy is in our room.  No lights, no TV, no eating dinner in the room.  Argh.  So, what do we do with our Rainforest Cafe to-go anniversary dinner?  What any normal married couple would do…. We ate it sitting on the floor outside our hotel room.  Yup. 

The positive of all this is that Caleb slept until 7AM or so the next day without waking.  Yay.  And, the hotel staff actually surprised us by decorating our bed for our anniversary.