Prayer Requests for the Wong Family

Some of you may have received these prayer requests.  If not we’d welcome your prayers.  Thank you for your prayers.

Baby Wong #3

  • Born with no birth defects and has no developmental delays
  • Learns to breastfeed quickly without causing Yvonne any tenderness or pain
  • Feeds well and sleeps well. Sleeps through the night at an early age.
  • Not colicky
  • Easy temperament
  • Likes the car seat, swing, crib, etc.
  • No illnesses for at least the first 4 months
  • No eczema and no nasal or food allergies
  • Closeness to big brother and sister, Caleb & Caris


  • Adjustment to family life (less attention, noise, etc) with Baby Wong #3 and Caris
  • No regression in behavior/discipline, potty training, etc.
  • To be Illness-free for at least 4 months after Baby Wong #3 is born
  • Continued success with “growing out of” food allergies (to dairy and egg). Pray for relief of nut allergy.


  • Adjustment to family life (less attention, noise, etc) with Baby Wong #3 and Caleb
  • Gentleness with Baby Wong #3
  • Potty training – For Chris & Yvonne to recognize when Caris is ready and for the process to be learned smoothly with minimal frustrations
  • For when she moves to a big girl’s bed. Discernment for Chris & Yvonne to know when/how to make the move.
  • To be Illness-free for at least 4 months after Baby Wong #3 is born


  • Able to care for Yvonne – Sensitivity to her needs. Healthy, God-glorifying marital relationship.
  • Manage time well with family, work, studying and church responsibilities
  • Good health – Time for exercise, healthy food choices. No gout, high blood pressure, or elevated cholesterol.
  • No physical effects from sleep deprivation
  • Spiritual discipline
  • Fatherhood – Good intuition when caring for Caleb, Caris & Baby Wong #3 and wisdom to intentionally parent each child according to their God-given personality/strengths
  • Discernment for future – leading family into overseas ministry.


  • Normal platelet count and stable thyroid levels through the remainder of pregnancy and postpartum
  • Complete return of normal thyroid function after pregnancy.
  • Easy labor without complications – not just quick, but controlled & calm
  • No tearing and minimal bleeding during delivery; No postpartum hemorrhage (excessive bleeding)
  • Normal blood pressure during labor and following delivery – No fainting!
  • Quick physical, emotional, & spiritual postpartum recovery without postpartum depression
  • Wisdom and love as a wife & mom caring for 3 children
  • Time for self-care, including the ability to sleep and nap well
  • Amazing time management with school work at Fuller & ministry responsibilities.

Our 30-Week Ultrasound Today

And the gender is…

…we don’t know. still. awh, the baby doesn’t want us to know. so, i guess we’re going with neutral colors for this baby.

we do get one more ultrasound. the baby was breech, so in the last month, they want to check again. if the baby stays breech, i’ll need a c-section. the baby has one more chance to show its genitals.

we have so many updates to do. i haven’t had time/energy to blog, but i’ll try to later.

1. Baby #2 turns around so i don’t need a c-section
2. I’m now “high risk” since my AFP screening showed slightly elevated hCg hormone levels. The risks are poor growth of the baby and preterm labor.
3. I have carpal tunnel… and unfun numbness/tingling/pain of my arms. Hurts to use my arms and fingers. Wakes me up at night.
4. Caleb is sick again! Not sleeping the best, so mommy’s not sleeping her best.

Thanks for thinking of our growing family. Time for me to nap.

Surprise, Surprise #2

Well this weekend I’ve had quite a number of surprises.  Yvonne for Father’s Day has been doing a multi-part father’s day gift.  For part one of four, on Thursday Yvonne gave me a great shirt.  No, it’s not a Bucks shirt.  It was a “Proud Daddy” t-shirt.  And yes, I’m a proud daddy.

Part two was our “Date #2” on Friday.  Part four was a game day with some guys.  We wound up just playing Wii Fit and watching Eric and John make fools of themselves.  I just make a fool of myself in front of my wife, not other people.

What happened to part three, you ask?  Some of you might have noticed the title of this post.  It alludes to an earlier post by Sloof Lirpa on April 1 of this year.  The contents of that post talked about us having another kid.  Well it’s no longer April Fools and the next April Fools is a long way from now.  Yes, we are expecting child #2.

It is very early in the pregnancy right now.  Saturday afternoon, she gives me part three in an envelope with the pregnancy test.  This part wasn’t her original gift to me, but she changed it on the fly cause she’s slick like that.  Positive pregnancy test.  Our response was much different this time around.

Even though we’ve had such difficult problems with Caleb’s sleeping, we knew we never wanted just one kid.  It’s made us have second (and third and fourth and so on) thoughts about having another child, but it just never seemed right to give Caleb the sole pleasure of torturing us alone.  We weren’t explicitly trying to have another child, but we weren’t not trying to have a child like we were before when we got pregnant with Caleb.  We just knew we didn’t want to have them far apart in age.

So yes.  We’re happy to be expecting.  Of course we’d like a girl this time around, but it’s all in God’s hands.

Prayer Requests:

  1. Since Caleb is still not sleeping well, he has 9 months to get his sleep in gear.  PLEASE PRAY for this not just to happen in a few months, but to happen now.  The toll of not sleeping is not comprehensible to a lot of you, but lack of sleep does no good to anyone.  (Caleb did sleep extremely well yesterday.  Keep praying!)
  2. Pray for a healthy, sleepy baby. It is VERY EARLY in the pregnancy.  Yvonne is only 5 weeks along, so anything can happen at this point.  That’s why we covet your prayers.  Yvonne will be seeing the OB shortly, so we can’t confirm until then that the baby is good to go.