Surprise, Surprise #2

Well this weekend I’ve had quite a number of surprises.  Yvonne for Father’s Day has been doing a multi-part father’s day gift.  For part one of four, on Thursday Yvonne gave me a great shirt.  No, it’s not a Bucks shirt.  It was a “Proud Daddy” t-shirt.  And yes, I’m a proud daddy.

Part two was our “Date #2” on Friday.  Part four was a game day with some guys.  We wound up just playing Wii Fit and watching Eric and John make fools of themselves.  I just make a fool of myself in front of my wife, not other people.

What happened to part three, you ask?  Some of you might have noticed the title of this post.  It alludes to an earlier post by Sloof Lirpa on April 1 of this year.  The contents of that post talked about us having another kid.  Well it’s no longer April Fools and the next April Fools is a long way from now.  Yes, we are expecting child #2.

It is very early in the pregnancy right now.  Saturday afternoon, she gives me part three in an envelope with the pregnancy test.  This part wasn’t her original gift to me, but she changed it on the fly cause she’s slick like that.  Positive pregnancy test.  Our response was much different this time around.

Even though we’ve had such difficult problems with Caleb’s sleeping, we knew we never wanted just one kid.  It’s made us have second (and third and fourth and so on) thoughts about having another child, but it just never seemed right to give Caleb the sole pleasure of torturing us alone.  We weren’t explicitly trying to have another child, but we weren’t not trying to have a child like we were before when we got pregnant with Caleb.  We just knew we didn’t want to have them far apart in age.

So yes.  We’re happy to be expecting.  Of course we’d like a girl this time around, but it’s all in God’s hands.

Prayer Requests:

  1. Since Caleb is still not sleeping well, he has 9 months to get his sleep in gear.  PLEASE PRAY for this not just to happen in a few months, but to happen now.  The toll of not sleeping is not comprehensible to a lot of you, but lack of sleep does no good to anyone.  (Caleb did sleep extremely well yesterday.  Keep praying!)
  2. Pray for a healthy, sleepy baby. It is VERY EARLY in the pregnancy.  Yvonne is only 5 weeks along, so anything can happen at this point.  That’s why we covet your prayers.  Yvonne will be seeing the OB shortly, so we can’t confirm until then that the baby is good to go.

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