Breastfeeding and A Dream

Context: Yvonne and I have been trying to get our baby to only breastfeed. For the past week and a half, Yvonne’s been pumping her breast and then Caleb is being bottle-fed. And every once in a while we’d try to get him on the breast again. Before he’s been unable to efficiently get milk from the breast. And Yvonne’s boob would be all tender and raw and cracked. So that’s why we had to resort to pumping and bottle-feeding. But it came to a point where now Caleb is now knowing that the bottle is easier and not even trying on the breast. So yesterday afternoon, we went breast only. And boy has it been hard. It’s been so hard on Yvonne, but I’m so proud of her. She’s really toughing it out, but our boy is finally get full feedings on the breast, and he hasn’t been bottle fed for 18 hours now. And boy is still getting enough milk. But it’s still hard. And it takes an extremely long time. Patience is wearing thin and frustrations are building. So please pray for Yvonne and Caleb. They need it.

So last night I was having all these dreams about him breastfeeding. Sometimes he’d do well in my dream. Sometimes not. But here’s the last one I had.

Dream: This is the end of the dream. I was riding in Yvonne’s car with the baby. Kurtis from work was with me for some strange reason, but we were pulling into Truth Seminary. Wayne’s car was parked there among other cars, so of course I back up into the parking sport next to his at a fast rate with the brake not working. Great parking job anyways.

So I go into the Truth Seminary room with Caleb. Apparently Eric is recording baby sucking sounds for unknown reasons. Kevin Chan is sitting there doing homework or something. And John is about to leave cause he just finished his baby sounds for Eric. Flora is now going to record some sounds. So she puts this thing in her mouth and starts sucking this thing like a pacifier. Now I’m thinking this is really strange. I put Caleb down next to Flora’s face where the recording equipment is. And then Caleb rips this huge fart. I say, “now that’s authentic.”

I am then soon awaken to the baby’s cries for food. Sorry, Yvonne. Caleb is a “Hungry Saurous” as his bib says.