Picture Play Time

I got a lot of complaints about posting pictures of poop.  So in the future, there will be more poop.  We just have to remember to take the pictures first before we clean him up.  And then with the new baby coming, we’ll have more of the beginning stages of poop as well just so we got it all covered.

Here are some non-poop pictures.





Yum!  Hash browns!



He likes buses


He likes the playground equipment (especially inside the house)


But not so much the swing



He likes V8 (not the car engine, or the JavaScript engine in Chrome)


Coming up soon!

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All Aboard!

Yesterday afternoon, Caleb and I had a Daddy’s day.  We went to Travel Town Museum over at Griffith’s Park.  Now for those of you who know Caleb, there are certain things he likes.  He likes trains.  He likes trucks.  He likes dogs.  He likes ducks.  Pretty much, he’s interesting in anything he can get his hands on.  He’s now touched all these things now, except for ducks.  And I’m sure he would if he could chase the ducks down.







So Now What?

For those of you who don’t know, we didn’t find out what the sex of the baby was last Friday.  Just like Caleb, Caris/Carlos just didn’t want us to see between her/his legs.  So we’ll have to wait til 30 weeks to get another ultrasound to see if we can see the sex of the baby.  Yvonne was working at the hospital with Caleb so she could use her hookups to get an ultrasound every week until we found out Caleb was a boy.  Those hookups now are gone.  So we must wait.

So the next natural question is should we find what the sex of the baby is?  We’ll have to start getting the baby’s room ready soon.  So that means we’ll probably decorate it neutral colors.  After that, we don’t exactly need to know what the baby is.  It’s just that we hate surprises.  It would be fun see once the baby pops out with a penis or not.  I should record it.

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On another note, Caleb has a cold again.  Third time in 6 weeks that he’s sick.  Sigh.  He seems to be handling this cold better this time.  He still slept through the night last night.  The night before wasn’t so good, but it was much better than we expected considering he’s snorting and coughing throughout the night.

We’ve been slacking on the pictures. We haven’t taken much the past month, although he’s been learning so much.  I promise to put more up.  It’s coming!