Happy Birthday

Happy 8-Week Birthday, Caleb Joshua Wong!

Caleb is 12 pounds now. I’ve retired a bunch of his newborn clothes already. Chris pointed out this morning that Caleb’s as long as my torso now.


6 weeks old

Caleb is 6 weeks old on my birthday! He’s 11 pounds now. I promise that all we’re giving the boy is breast milk.

I saw my OBGYN for my 6 week postpartum visit. I’m definitely doing better. The past few days, I’ve been pulling out my stitches on my own. They were supposed to fall out or dissolve on their own 30+ days ago, so I figured I’d help them along now. My OB says I’ve got another localized perineal infection in the area that’s still healing, but thinks it’ll resolve on its own. I have another follow up appointment in 4 weeks. Until then, more sitz baths and peri-care. I can’t wait til the day I can pee on the toilet normally again.

During my doc appointment, my OB mentioned that I can start walking now and that I don’t have to be on bedrest any more… I almost started laughing, but instead I told him, “OK, great.” In my head, I was thinking, “Hmm, I guess I’ve been in bed… on occasion.”

Since I’m allowed to walk now (hee-hee), maybe I should go get me some birthday cake I haven’t had time to eat yet. Should I wake up Chris? Nah. Caleb looks so cute cuddling up with Chris.

No turning back now

So, on occasion, as Caleb reverts back to chomping my breasts, I comment that I’m going to give up this whole breastfeeding thing. But, I looked at how much we’ve invested… there’s no turning back now. This boy is going to be a breastfed boy unless God makes it clear otherwise.

Nursing Bras – $180 (overpriced but I didn’t know this before)
Nursing Tanktops – $100 (also overpriced)
Boppy Pillow – $50 (gift from my sister)
Breastfeeding Cover-Up Apron ??? (gift from Clara)
Medela Pump-In-Style Advanced – $300
Extra Breast Pump Spare Parts – $54
Lanolin ointment for my sore nipples – $35 (plus more given by Irene)
Vitamin E for my cracked nipples – $10
Gel soothie patches for my breast pain – $40
Breast Shields to prevent clothing from touching my sore breasts – $20
Lactation Consult (Initial Visit) – $125
Special Syringe feeding kit – $45
Lactation Consult (follow up) – $95
Extra Feeding Syringes – $45
Nursing Shirts – $115
3.5 weeks of bleeding, blistered, burning, cracked, sore nipples & areola
Followed by 1.5 weeks of sore tender nipples

TOTAL COST – $1214
… way too much money & pain to even think about giving up breastfeeding