No turning back now

So, on occasion, as Caleb reverts back to chomping my breasts, I comment that I’m going to give up this whole breastfeeding thing. But, I looked at how much we’ve invested… there’s no turning back now. This boy is going to be a breastfed boy unless God makes it clear otherwise.

Nursing Bras – $180 (overpriced but I didn’t know this before)
Nursing Tanktops – $100 (also overpriced)
Boppy Pillow – $50 (gift from my sister)
Breastfeeding Cover-Up Apron ??? (gift from Clara)
Medela Pump-In-Style Advanced – $300
Extra Breast Pump Spare Parts – $54
Lanolin ointment for my sore nipples – $35 (plus more given by Irene)
Vitamin E for my cracked nipples – $10
Gel soothie patches for my breast pain – $40
Breast Shields to prevent clothing from touching my sore breasts – $20
Lactation Consult (Initial Visit) – $125
Special Syringe feeding kit – $45
Lactation Consult (follow up) – $95
Extra Feeding Syringes – $45
Nursing Shirts – $115
3.5 weeks of bleeding, blistered, burning, cracked, sore nipples & areola
Followed by 1.5 weeks of sore tender nipples

TOTAL COST – $1214
… way too much money & pain to even think about giving up breastfeeding

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