You stole from a baby!!!

I just posted on my site about the burglary of our house, and for the most part, we didn’t feel like we lost much to things we were really attached to. It’s all stuff that we’d like to have, but it’s all materialistic stuff.

Our house was ransacked and trashed up. The bedrooms were littered with stuff. They emptied the drawers looking for stuff (like we would hide jewelry or money there). We see the nursery door was open, but nothing inside was touched. It seems like they didn’t look in the drawers or take any of the stuff in the nursery. Yay! At least they left the baby’s stuff alone.

That is until we remember what was missing in the closet downstairs. Our unopened Pack N Play Playyard was missing. They stole our baby’s playyard!!! That really bummed me out. They stole from our baby.

Anyways. Here’s a picture of us in our nursery. Yvonne’s getting big.

Chris & Yvonne

Baby Wong has a name… we think

Caleb Joshua Wong

Caleb – faithful, bold
Joshua – God is my salvation
Wong – My name

After much discussion, this is what we came up with. I was still pushing for Obadiah Wong, but that continued to get vetoed. She might say she didn’t veto it (would you really want your kid to be named Obadiah?), but that’s veto in my book.

Keep track of our baby!

Well hopefully this will be updated often. Yvonne and I were thinking this would be a good way to keep up with information about soon to come baby. There was really no place for anyone to get information except to ask us. So for those of you who don’t like to talk to us and want to know what’s going on, this place is for you!

I think I’m going to try to get some ultrasound pictures up. Maybe. Hopefully. Possibly.

We’re in the process of switching OBs. Actually we went to seen a new OB this morning, and I think we both like him. Our other doctor we had disagreements in the labor process. Disagreements that he wouldn’t budge on. So that’s why we started to look elsewhere. Yvonne is 32 weeks into the pregnancy, and this is a very late time to be switching doctors. So pray that we can work well with our doctor.

baby Caleb at 10 weeks