Caleb’s 3rd Birthday Party

Caleb had heaps of fun at this 3rd birthday party this past weekend. Of course, he doesn’t turn 3 until this Sunday, but Daddy will be just getting back from Youth Camp, so we figured it be best to celebrate early. Caleb gives a big thanks to all his friends, family, and favorite church aunties & uncles for making it so much fun for him!

Learning Words and Numbers

Caleb loves learning.  He’s known numbers and letters for probably almost a year now.  He was pretty good at counting up to 20.  But recently, he’s been practicing past 20.  Caleb also loves reading, and he’s always asking about words in the books he’s reading.  “What’s that word?” is a common question he asks while reading his books.  Of course sometimes he points to numbers in the books as well.  Generally, when Caleb picks up on something, he runs with it.  For example, we were reading a garbage truck book for bedtime recently.  On the last page, it says, “Who am I?  The garbage truck, that’s who.”  So you might hear Caleb say, “Who am I? The garbage truck, that’s who.”  Or he may even vary it a little bit, by saying, “Why am I?  Caleb, that’s who.”

Now this is all fun and cute if he recalls the proper things.  If you go to, you can take a look at this book inside, First Virtues for Toddlers.  You can click the “Search inside this book” link and view the table of contents.  Well, Caleb was doing his duty on the potty chair.  While he was reading this book, he points at a number and asks what this number is.  I answer 69.

Caleb, unaware of the sexual connotations of this number, uses it to answer many things that have to do with numbers.  Caleb lately likes to ask, “what time is it?”  Of course I tell him the time, even though he really doesn’t understand the concept of time.  It’s all a set up for him.  It’s like tossing up a softball.  He already knows what he’s going to say.

Baby Names

I have a few names that I have come up for our baby girl.  I’ll have some descriptions on how we came up with some of these names, but I’ll put the poll up first to not taint the vote.  If you have other suggestions, post it in the comments!

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With the coming of a girl, the name Obadiah is off the table (and thus Obi-Wong is dead).  Of course I couldn’t leave out Star Wars names.  But a little explanation might be needed for some of these names.

Jaina: Based on the post-Return of the Jedi storyline.  Jaina is Han Solo & Leia’s daughter.  She has a long story.

Leia: This should be obvious enough.

Aayla:  Extreme Star Wars nerds will recognize this name.  They’ll know Aayla Secura as the sexy blue jedi from the prequel-trilogy timeline.  Lesser nerds will know her as the blue jedi girl who got shot in the back in Revenge of the Sith. Normal people will not even know she exists.

Hannah:  We just like this name. 

Chloe:  We need some names to match Caleb & Caris.  Starts with C and has five letters.  This fits.  When I think of Chloe, I think of the girl from Smallville.  I always thought Superman should have hooked up with her rather than Lana.

Callie:  Another C name alternative.  Not 5 letters though, so that might be dead before it even gets started.

Another Mei-Mei

If you’ve been around Caleb, you’ll hear him calling Caris by Mei-Mei. That’s Mandarin for “little sister.” Well…. now, Caleb’s going to have another mei-mei. That’s right. We found out yesterday that we’re having another girl. Soon Daddy and Caleb will be outnumbered by girl power.

When I have time, I’ll try to post ultrasound pics. And we have heaps of pics and videos of the kids, but we’ve been non-stop lately with work, ministry, kids, school, etc.

PS. If you have baby name ideas, send them our way. Chris has been going a bit crazy with looking up female names from Star Wars, so I think I need your help deterring him from that path.

Old Caleb Videos

Well, I guess you can’t really call them old, but these videos are from the end of 2008 and beginning of 2009.  He was 16-18 months old in these videos (around the same age as Caris is now).