Obadiah or JavaScript?

This Friday morning, we will be getting our ultrasound. We have a chance to see the sex of the baby, but knowing our luck, we won’t find out.

With Caleb, we didn’t find out his sex until the third or fourth time we got an ultrasound. Luckily Yvonne worked at the hospital and could use their ultrasound machine after we didn’t find out the first time. With Caris, Yvonne didn’t have ultrasound machine access at the hospital since she no longer worked there. It wasn’t until the 34 or 35 week of pregnancy that we were finally able to find out Caris was a girl.

So what will it be this time? Will I get another chance at Obi-Wong? Or will we have to come up with another girl’s name? I should name her a programming language. Ada? Perl? Ruby? JavaScript? God-willing, we’ll find out Friday.

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Our 30-Week Ultrasound Today

And the gender is…

…we don’t know. still. awh, the baby doesn’t want us to know. so, i guess we’re going with neutral colors for this baby.

we do get one more ultrasound. the baby was breech, so in the last month, they want to check again. if the baby stays breech, i’ll need a c-section. the baby has one more chance to show its genitals.

we have so many updates to do. i haven’t had time/energy to blog, but i’ll try to later.

1. Baby #2 turns around so i don’t need a c-section
2. I’m now “high risk” since my AFP screening showed slightly elevated hCg hormone levels. The risks are poor growth of the baby and preterm labor.
3. I have carpal tunnel… and unfun numbness/tingling/pain of my arms. Hurts to use my arms and fingers. Wakes me up at night.
4. Caleb is sick again! Not sleeping the best, so mommy’s not sleeping her best.

Thanks for thinking of our growing family. Time for me to nap.

Caris or Carlos?

Next Friday we will be getting our high level ultrasound. That means we’ll find out the sex of the baby, unless the groin area view is blocked like Caleb liked blocking it.

So what will we have? A boy? Or a girl?
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