Another Vacation?

We rented a golf cart the other day.  On our way back to our resort from town, this guy stops us in the road.  This guy happens to be one of those timeshare recruiter guys who offers you something in order to hear their spiel to buy a timeshare.  Normally they give you free breakfast or lunch or even cash.  We got $100 cash last time we were here.  This was different though.  Instead, he handed us this scratch off card like a lottery ticket.

Yvonne scratches her ticket gets one palm tree and 2 big X’s on her ticket.  I scratch off my ticket and I got three palm trees.  This is good, right?

Well, everyone is a winner here at Village Reef.  That single palm tree gets you $25 or something.  I don’t know the exact prize.  But the real winner here is the three palm trees.  We take a look at the back and that’s the big prize!  There are three possible prizes.  A) Caribbean vacation.  B) $1000 HP Laptop.  C) $700 US cash.  I want the cash.

However the choice is not ours to make.  There’s a “void if remove” part on the ticket will reveal what we actually won.  However, we’ll have to go through the timeshare spiel in order to claim our prize.

The next morning we go back to there to claim our free breakfast and big prize.  We meet up with Laura (who by the way was 100x better than the Williamsburg spiel-er).  We were not interested, and went on to collect our prize.  Guess what we got.

I could use a laptop or sell it.  The cash works even better.  But when are we going to be able to go on another vacation in the next 12 months?  Worst off it’s not redeemable for cash and non-transferable (unless authorized, whatever that means).  Hopefully we can sell this or give it away.  The place was nice though.

No Nexus One for me yet.