Hope Klutziness Isn’t an Inherited Trait!

Caleb has heaps of bumps and bruises.  He’s discovered this amazing ability to be able to walk one direction while turning his head and looking another direction.  Of course, this leads to trouble.  He’s run into so many walls and tables.  And he likes to try to walk really fast.  His knees and shins look like mommy beats him.

So, last week, Chris tells me his head hurts.  Why?  He closes my trunk SUV door on his head.  What?!  How did you do that?  I’ve never heard of anybody closing a trunk door on their head.  I laughed at him.  I’ve had this SUV for 7 years, and I’ve NEVER closed the trunk door on my head.  Caleb must have gotten his klutziness from his daddy.

Today, we went to the Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey circus in Anaheim.  It was Chris’ and Caleb’s first time.  Caleb had so much fun, but he didn’t nap long on the way to the circus.  And, it lasted much longer than we expected.  Caleb was ready for a long afternoon nap.  So, we were hurrying at the end to get him home.  We removed the stroller from the SUV trunk to make room for a quick diaper change.  Chris goes to put Caleb in his car seat.  I put the stroller back in the trunk and close the door.  I had to lean in cuz the stroller was starting to fall out.  Whack (really hard)!  Whoa.  That’s right.  I hit myself.  No, not just a little hit.  I whacked my face hard.  My vision went black for a couple of seconds, but not to worry… I didn’t pass out.  I made it back to the passenger front seat.  Tears were rolling down my face.  It was like some uncontrolled reflex since I hit the bridge of my nose so hard.  My forehead, nose, & eyes were throbbing.  Chris tells me I’m bleeding across my nose and it’s getting swollen.  Then, he says, “See, I’m not the only one who can hit my head.”  It hurt my nose so bad to laugh.  6 hours later after lots of ice, it feels much better.  Just a dull ache.  The cut really isn’t bad at all.  I wonder if I’ll get a bad bruise across my face.  Poopers, we have a wedding next Sunday.  And, we’re supposed to have Caleb’s 1 year old family pictures taken.  Oh well.  It’s pretty funny now.  Watch out for those dangerous SUV trunk doors!  I guess Caleb may get my klutziness too.  Poor Caleb.

More about Me before I turn 13 months old

I like to sit on stairs. 


I still like to eat.  Aren’t I a cutie?


I love reading, and I love my cat Tommy.


I still love stacking… only higher now.  And, I like dumping things out for mommy to clean up again.  Sometimes I’ll actually put away my toys myself.


I love to imitate mommy.  She cleans, I clean (at least I try).



I have a new pair of shoes.  Well, grandma & grandpa bought them for me over a month ago.  These Stride Rite shoes are more expensive than any shoes mommy has ever bought (except for her rockclimbing or hiking shoes).  I didn’t like these shoes before.  They made me trip and fall.  This is a video of me trying on my 1st pair of shoes again a few days ago.  I like them much better now.


I still love music.  I used to dance by bouncing my butt up and down.  Now, I twirl/spin.


I’ve got 11 or more teeth now.  I got 3 molars in right after I turned one.  1 more waiting to pop out on the bottom left jaw.  My canines are coming out too.  Soon (maybe), I’ll have 16 teeth.  Almost done with getting all my baby teeth, and I’m not even 13 months old!

Uuh! Caleb’s Favorite Word

Ever since Caleb was born, he has been a loud baby.  He cries loud.  He talks loud.  He’s just loud, period.  He’ll fit in well with the rest of our family.  He must have picked it up from our families, cause Yvonne and I certainly aren’t loud.

Caleb has been talking bunches.  Well he’s always made lots of talking sounds, most of which we can not understand.  But he’s developed a new favorite word/sound.  And it’s not “ma ma” or “da da” which he likes saying both.  It’s a sound that sounds like “uuh!” or something like that.  I don’t know what’s the best way to spell, so maybe you can tell me.  This sound can mostly be interpreted as “give me” or “I want that” or it could even mean “get me out of here” or “help me.”  In this case below, it means “give me”.

Ever since Caleb started walking, he’s pretty much stopped crawling.  And when he’s stopped crawling, he’s pretty much stop climbing.  He even doesn’t like to climb up and down stairs anymore.  He’ll eventually do so, just cause he wants to get somewhere.  But lots of time if mommy or daddy are around, he’ll grunt his “uuh” sound and ask to be picked up.  It’s very cute, but if you’re going to be mobile, be mobile up and down the stairs as well.  2 stairs ain’t going to hurt you, son.  Of course if you have something he really wants, there is no stopping him.  Neither heights, nor depths can stop him from getting what he wants.


Caleb likes his toys.  He especially likes his new ones.  Take them away when he’s not finished with them yet, and he’ll give you that “uuh” sound.  For his birthday we had bought him a toy lawn mower that blows bubbles.  He likes bubbles.  He likes to walk.  He’s going to love this toy!  Well he did love it.  Problem is is that it didn’t blow bubbles.  If adults couldn’t get this toy to blow bubbles, how does anyone expect a baby to make it blow bubbles?  So we decided to return it and get another lawn mower.  This pops balls.  Again he loves it.  All he needs is something to walk with.


11 Months Old

Caleb turned 11 months old on Tuesday.  We can’t believe Caleb’s almost one year old!

Over a week ago (last Thursday), Caleb took his first steps.  Well, he’s taken 1 or 2 steps on his own before this… but on Thursday, he walked to me in 5-6 steps.  He tried walking again today outside.  He still prefers to hold onto somebody’s hand or another object.  He also favors clinging to mommy’s legs as she walks around trying to get stuff done, making her do what she now calls the Caleb shuffle.



He’s been trying to feed himself more often.  Most of the time, he won’t eat unless he gets to try himself.  Yes, our son is determined.  And, yes, Caleb is messy.

Yummy hummus & a giant pretzel stick:


Caleb’s spinach fun:


Also, our son has started throwing infant tantrums.  I knew that we could expect them in the toddler years… close to 2 years old or so.  Did you know there are a few babies who throw tantrums?  Ours is one of them.  It used to be where we would take something away and he would just scream or cry.  A few days ago, I closed his bedroom door since it was time for him to get ready for his nap.  Caleb wanted to go out to keep playing (as always).  He took one look at the door, one look at me, and then flung himself on the floor on his back and starting hitting the floor with his legs/feet and arms/hands while screaming and crying.  Quite a sight. 

Here’s a short video of Caleb with Ellie’s (our kitty) collar.  He pulled it off her neck.  Each time Chris tries to touch it, Caleb yanks it away from him out of fear that it might get taken away.  This is just Caleb’s infant way of saying, “mine!!!!”  Did I mention we have a strong-willed child?

Also, on occasion, Caleb makes it very known that he doesn’t want to be put in his car seat.  He arches his back, yells/screams/cries… grabs at the mirror, at the window, at mommy’s hair.  This almost always seems to draw a slew of onlookers since Caleb rarely does his protests quietly.  No, Mommy is not abusing this child.  And, yes, Mommy is strict and still makes her child get into the car seat. 


Besides the tantrums, Caleb’s learning to do lots of fun stuff too.

Caleb is still a little scared of the vacuum cleaner sound, but he loves to play with the vacuum.  I can’t wait until he can help me clean.  Yay! (I know, I know… please just let me dream!)



Caleb likes to make himself comfy in his stroller



Caleb loves to clap.  Here’s a 1-second video of it.  We have another better one that we’ll put up once we download it.


Caleb loves to sort things.  Give him measuring cups.  Give him regular plastic cups.  Give him things to put into cups.  Give him rings.  Give him blocks.  Sorting things is fun, fun, fun. 

He even likes to put things where they don’t quite fit or belong.  Caleb, that block doesn’t fit into daddy’s xbox!



Caleb loves to go through cabinets, especially the ones we’ve chosen to not childlock.  He loves to pull things out of the cabinets/drawers.  And we always find unexpected gifts in cabinets too.  Mommy says to daddy, “Have you seen where Caleb’s green ring is?  He was just playing with it, but it’s missing now.  (10 minutes later) …Oh nevermind, I found it behind the extra diaper wipes, inside the closed cabinet that’s inside his closed bedroom closet.” 




I’m sure there’s lots more Caleb is learning to do, but this post is getting long.  So, bye for now!