“KANSAS CITY, Mo. — National Weather Service issues tornado warning that includes downtown Kansas City, Mo.”


So, we were planning to go to C&MA General Council this year, as we have with every General Council the last several years.  This year, we felt constrained by my school obligations and budget.  If we had gone, our kids might be experiencing their first tornado.  I guess God says it’s ok for us to not always have such excitement in our lives?

On a more serious note, we are praying for the many people in that area, and the multitude of Christian leaders and missionaries from our denomination who are currently facing the tornado threats.

“I was in your tummy for a long time”

This a conversation Caleb had with his mommy today.

Caleb (talking to Yvonne): I was in your tummy for a long time
Yvonne: Yes, Caleb.  You were.
Caleb: It was dark inside. It was really dark.  I couldn’t see anything.