Crawling Caris

So our little girl started crawling right before 6 months.  Well, kind of.  She did this modified form of crawling… she looked like a caterpillar.  Pretty much at the same time as this crawling developed, she began sitting up really well.  So, I started letting her just sit.  She seemed to really enjoy this upright position.  I didn’t let her practice tummy time as much.  So, then about a week ago, I started putting her back on her tummy more often.  Caris was not so happy about this change.  But, now she’s back to practicing her crawling.  She’s finally starting to get more control of her mobility, though she’s not yet doing full on hand-knee crawling yet. 



First Movie

Caleb went to see Veggie Tales: The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything this past Tuesday at the Monrovia Krikorian.  It was his first time watching a whole movie… and his first time in a movie theater.  Sorry no pictures of Caleb, but this a milestone to be remembered in our blog.  At least Chris took a picture of the movie screen (see below).

Caleb did better than we had expected.  He watched the whole movie. 



Caleb’s been taking a soccer class since mid-July.  One more Saturday class left.  He’s the youngest in this mommy/daddy & me class. 




Brother & Sister

Caleb & Caris really do like each other.  It’s pretty cute to see.  Caleb gets very concerned if he thinks I might be forgetting “mei-mei” (little sister in Mandarin) in the car.  Caris always flashes a big grin when she sees “ge-ge” (big brother).




(Notice the kitchen stool Caleb used to find his way into Caris’ play yard)



They’re even starting to sleep the same way at the same time.  Mind you, they’re in different rooms.  Strange.




Caleb still does get jealous that Caris does certain things he doesn’t get to do. And, he’s not so happy that Caris is now taking his toys and exploring them with her mouth.  His favorite phrase with her now is, “Sister, no… Stop!  Mei-mei, no, stop.  Mine. Caleb’s.” 


And the teeth just keep on coming…

Caris is getting at least 2 more teeth right now.  The bottom lateral incisors are right under the gum skin.  This now explains why our daughter has become of waterfall of drool.  How come our kids get their teeth so early?  Caris isn’t even 7 months old yet.  (We’ll post pictures of her new teeth when they become more visible.)

At least Caleb is done with his teething for now.  20 pearly whites.  So, why is Caleb still Mr. Drooly?  We haven’t a clue. 


Caris and Her Solid Foods

After rice cereal, Caris had avocado.


… and plum… besides many other foods since then.




Not the cleanest eater, but then… even Caleb isn’t always the cleanest eater.


Kiddie Kandids, 2009-08-10

So we’ve been taking Caleb & Caris to Kiddie Kandids at Babies R Us for their major pictures.  It just so happened that we got Caleb’s 2 year pictures, and Caris’ 6 month pictures done at the same time.  So we have to take pictures with them as well.  Color & picture coordinated, here they are.









Day Late, Dollar Short: Happy Birthday, Mommy

Happy 31st birthday, Yvonne!  Yes, her real name.

A day late, and a dollar short, but it’s still here.  Yvonne’s birthday gift was a break from the kiddos.  At the day spa of course.  I think getting away from the kids might have been enough, but I might as well send her away to something she’ll enjoy as well.

While she was over there, Caleb, Caris & I were scheming things at home.  A surprise for when Mommy comes back.

Here’s the setup.  Letters.


If you’re interested in watching a 11+ minute video, here it is of me and Caleb finishing up the rest.

(Video coming soon after it finishes uploading.  Only 4+ hours.  I need FiOS)

Here’s the finished product.











Caleb Singing & Drumming Away

Caleb was having fun with the Rock Band drum set at Chris’ work.  Wish we could have gotten better video footage.  Caleb’s hilarious when he sings.


Caris & Chris

Caris is chatting it up.  Well, kind of.  This video was taken about a month ago… so, she’s more talkative now.