Super Bowl

For the past maybe 15 or so years I have watched the Super Bowl live.  I remember cheering for the Bills against Dallas, and Michael Jackson playing in the halftime show.  Since then, I have not missed a single Super Bowl.  We’ve had some good parties, some good days watching with few others, and then there is the Super Bowl party ruined by someone who says they’re going to bring drinks, but then doesn’t show up leaving everyone thirsty or drinking water.

This year is going to be different.  Weekends are times I get to spend with my family.  And now that Caleb is around, I’ve chosen to spend that time with him instead of watching the Super Bowl.  So what are we planning to do this year?  We’re doing what the Super Bowl MVP is doing, going to Disneyland of course.

You have to love PVRs (e.g. Tivo) though.  After Caleb goes to bed, it’s time to watch the Super Bowl 3 hours delayed. So I don’t want to get any phone calls, or text messages or any contact from you people who have watched the Super Bowl already.  I’m going to watch it straight through, commercials and all, after my boy is asleep.  And then I can cheer quietly as the Giants beat the Patriots.