Stickers can stick really well

I’ve learned something new.  Some stickers, when they get wet after being applied to Caleb’s shins, stick extra well to his skin.  So well that they don’t come off for a couple of days even with soap and scrubbing.  The top layer with the design comes off easily, but the gooey sticky part doesn’t.  And this mommy is not going to resort to rubbing alcohol or any other type of strong cleaner on my son’s skin.  I guess I could have gone to the pharmacy and picked up some adhesive remover.  Not enough motivation to do so.  Knew the stickers would come off sooner or later.  🙂


More Caleb Adventures

I forgot to mention that Caleb has discovered the fun water in our toilets.  If you’ve been to our place recently, we have to keep all the bathroom doors closed.  His bathroom has a toilet lock.  Otherwise, Caleb likes to lift up the toilet lid and throw his head and hands in the water to have some splashing fun.  No pictures of this.  Sorry.  When I see my son in the toilet, my first instinct is not to run and get the camera.

He also loves to unwind all our toilet paper.  He’s discovered that if he keeps turning the roll, the paper keeps falling down next to him.  This is pure joy for him.  No picture of this either. 

Our son has gotten quite a bit taller. He thinned out a lot.  But, he’s learned that he can reach even more things, not just by growing, but by standing on his tippy-toes.


Last week, I left Caleb in our childproof bedroom to go use the bathroom.  When i came out 1-2 minutes later, our son was smiling/clapping at me from the top of our dresser.  Yes, from the top.  He had systematically pulled out the drawers and climbed up.  And, yes, our son was clapping and obviously proud of himself.  No picture of this either.  I wasn’t about to leave my son 4 feet up on a dresser to run downstairs to get our camera.

I’m sure there’s more.  I have to remember to blog this stuff when it happens.

The End of Our Hawaii Trip

Yes, yes… I know… we really are behind in our blogging.  We still haven’t finished blogging about our Hawaii trip. 

Our Hawaii Alarm Clock
I forgot to blog about one story while we on the Big Island with Stan, Bel, & baby Noah.  It’s memorable.  While we were in Hawaii, Caleb was our 6:30AM alarm clock.  No matter how late we put him to bed, no matter how many times he would wake up at night, he ALWAYS woke up at 6:30.  On our last Big Island day, Caleb woke up at 7:30AM.  When we saw the clock, Chris & I cheerfully got out of bed and praised our boy for sleeping in.  The pool opens at 7:30AM, so we decided to go swimming.  On our way to the pool, I pointed out to Chris that it’s a gloomy/cloudy day since it was still a bit dark for 7:30.  We get to the pool.  It’s locked, but somebody’s inside cleaning.  He tells us to come back when the pool is open.  We tell him that the pool is supposed to open at 7:30.  He looks at us and says something like, “It’s 7:30 already?  Oh no!!  I’m running late.”  Then he looks at a pool clock and tells us that it’s only 6:45.  What?!!!  We still have no idea how our bedside clock got changed.  It was right when we put Caleb to bed.  Oh well. 

Our Flight Home
We were running really late to the airport, so Stan & Bel came to help us return our rental car and get checked in quickly.  Our flight was with ATA.  Stan knew one of the ATA worker guys.  He was one of Stan’s high school friends.  Stan tried pulling some strings to get us ahead in this long, long slow line (since we were already late).  He found out from his friend that our flight was canceled (though nobody else in the line knew that yet as the flight was only announced as being delayed).  We got pulled out of the line with our luggage.  His friend got us onto the next American Airlines flight back to LAX.  Yay!  Go Stan.  It’s nice to have our Hawaiian connection.  Only a few were given tickets onto this AA flight.  Most had to wait until the next departing ATA flight (I think that was in the middle of the night or the next day).  And out of the ones who received AA tickets, we were the only ones who had our luggage.  You know why?  Because the Wong family was running really late and hadn’t checked in to our original flight like everyone else already had. 


Yes, Caleb and I got chosen to be personally security checked.  I guess we just look that dangerous. 


Caleb slept for only 30 minutes on this plane ride home.  He really had trouble falling asleep and staying asleep.  We tried to make him as comfy as we could, but it was one fussy plane ride home.


Daddy even tried to help Caleb with his ear pressure by enticing him with a pacifier. 


We got back from Hawaii on Friday, 3/14/08.  We needed that whole weekend to unpack and decompress from our vacation before Chris went back to work on Monday.  Here’s Caleb helping us unpack.



Yesterday, I discovered that ATA filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy on April 3rd and ended all of their passenger services to Hawaii.  Good thing this happened after our trip to Hawaii.  We probably couldn’t have afforded to pay for another set of airline tickets.

Bathtub Fun

Caleb loves water… in his baths, in a pool, in the ocean… or even in the kitty bowls (if mommy doesn’t move them away in time).  Here’s one cute video of him having some bathtub splash fun.