Happy 3 month birthday, Caleb!

Caleb and I went to our first MOMS group. 4 other moms were there at one gal’s house. it was breakfast recipe day. everybody was supposed to make a breakfast item and bring copies of the recipe to share with the other moms. I’ve been wanting to get out of the house and meet other moms, but I was thinking I may be in over my head with this cooking/recipe stuff. I was worried I might be hanging out with a bunch of “Stepford Wives” moms or something like that. Who has time to cook breakfast? Don’t most people just have instant oatmeal, toast, or cereal? Or aren’t they like Chris and they run out the door and eat lunch as their first meal? Well, I learned that this was their first recipe day. I made these ice cream muffins… 2 ingredients in the recipe – bisquick and ice cream. mix, pour, and bake. doesn’t get any simpler! it made me feel better when one of the other moms brought store-bought croissants and said here’s our breaksfast. hee-hee. real life as a mother.

it was nice meeting with other moms. their kids were 15 months to 2+ years. they told me about their own spit up, poop, and lack-of-sleep stories. it was encouraging to hear that it gets easier. they were amazed at how good Caleb is… how mellow he is. Caleb’s so good in front of other people. Way to go, Caleb… you fooled them all! i got home and not more than 5 minutes later, my little angel started wailing for an hour before finally giving in to a needed nap. so, my little 3-month angel is laying in my lap napping. in 10 minutes or so, he’ll be up and ready to eat and play again. it makes for a busy day taking care of a baby. but, Caleb is so adorable! as much as i miss my sleep, a clean house, peaceful car rides, being able to eat dinner at the same time as my husband, i definitely wouldn’t give back my little munchkin now.

lots of pictures at pictures.chriswong.org. caleb will be taking his 3 month pictures this weekend.

New horizons

Today we tried a pacifier with Caleb. He sucked a little, furrowed up his eyebrows, and promptly spit it out. Pretty funny to watch. Chris tried again. Same reaction plus crying.

Tonight we tried a bottle for the first time since Caleb was first born. It’s been over 3 weeks since I’ve had obviously tender breasts. He’s been breastfeeding so well, so we thought we’d see if he’d take to a bottle (in case we ever need it in the future). Our lactation consultant said to wait several weeks after breastfeeding goes well, and to be prepared that he may not want the bottle at all. She warned me that I would probably need to leave the house, etc. Well, Caleb liked the bottle. We got this special one (1st Years Breastflow) with a double nipple designed to make Caleb drink as if he’s drinking from the breast. Bottlefeeding went so well with Chris & Caleb that I almost felt unwanted. But then he drank again from my breast happily.

Nay pacifier, Yay bottle.

Jury Duty

Hee-hee… so I got a jury summons notice in the mail yesterday. This morning I called to register. Told the woman on the phone that I’m breastfeeding my baby. She asked me if I was back to work. I told her no. She asked me if I was sure. I said yes. She asked when I’m planning to go back to work… I told her I wasn’t sure, but I’m planning to breastfeed my baby for at least a year. She sounded shocked on the phone as if she didn’t believe me… “Really?” She then tersely tells me to fill out sections A, D, and G and send the form in to be excused from jury duty… then abruptly hangs up. Chris is going on day 3 of having to go to his jury duty summons. He’s in the process of a jury selection that started late Monday afternoon.

Yummy Thumb

OK, I really should be studying for my New Testament final (I’m finishing up a distance learning class for my masters program at Fuller… and yes, I know I’m crazy)…

But, Caleb is sooo cute. I couldn’t resist taking more webcam pics. Here’s one of them… he’s gonna be a thumb-sucker…



all these things i’ve been thinking of writing, but haven’t…

1. Chris told me breastfeeding moms are excused from jury duty. Just an FYI for all those people out there who wanted to know. Of course, I haven’t been called to jury duty. Hey would they let me bring Caleb with me if I was called and wanted to do jury duty?

2. I’m still on medical maternity leave. I saw my OBGYN this past Wednesday. I haven’t been medically released since my perineum still hasn’t fully healed. But it’s sooo much better than it was a month ago. I feel like I could go hiking if it wasn’t so hot! Maybe it’ll cool down more and I’ll take Caleb for a short little jaunt up at Monrovia Canyon. Shh, don’t tell my doctor.

3. So, Chris tells me the other day that my ankles and calves look skinny. It’s amazing how pregnancy makes your hubby forget what you used to look like.

4. We took some church youth camping 2 weekends ago. I wouldn’t recommend it for any new moms out there. What used to be outdoor fun is now a “keeping your newborn clean and warm” nightmare. And, it’s nearly impossible to put up a tent when you’ve got a baby in your arms.

5. At the camping trip on Saturday, Chris points out that my eye is bleeding. Sure enough I developed a subconjunctival hemorrhage. It’s impossible to find an available optometrist or open clinic in Wrightwood on the weekends. My eye’s fine, but I’ve had to wear glasses for the past 2 weeks. I’ll be in glasses for a bit longer now since I lost my contacts by accident. I’ve gotta find an optometrist since mine (my sister Sandra) moved to Panama.

What a cutie!
Just Hatched

Just Hatched Again


We took Caleb to the pediatrician today.

Our boy is 13 pounds, 3 oz… 90th percentile for his age. He’s 90-95th percentile for his height of 24.5 inches. Caleb’s not so little anymore.

I made Chris hold Caleb for his shots. Mind you, I’m an ER nurse who’s done heaps of shots and IV’s on babies… but nope, I can’t stand to watch my baby cry. He got 8 vaccinations–4 shots and one oral! Polio, Hepatitis B, Haemophilus Influenza Type B, Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis, Pneumococcus, and Rotavirus.

Caleb turns 10 weeks tomorrow. Happy early birthday, my adorable boy.