New horizons

Today we tried a pacifier with Caleb. He sucked a little, furrowed up his eyebrows, and promptly spit it out. Pretty funny to watch. Chris tried again. Same reaction plus crying.

Tonight we tried a bottle for the first time since Caleb was first born. It’s been over 3 weeks since I’ve had obviously tender breasts. He’s been breastfeeding so well, so we thought we’d see if he’d take to a bottle (in case we ever need it in the future). Our lactation consultant said to wait several weeks after breastfeeding goes well, and to be prepared that he may not want the bottle at all. She warned me that I would probably need to leave the house, etc. Well, Caleb liked the bottle. We got this special one (1st Years Breastflow) with a double nipple designed to make Caleb drink as if he’s drinking from the breast. Bottlefeeding went so well with Chris & Caleb that I almost felt unwanted. But then he drank again from my breast happily.

Nay pacifier, Yay bottle.

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