More on Jury Duty

So, in a previous post, I mentioned getting a jury duty summons. I had to send in an excuse because I’m breastfeeding Caleb and they don’t allow moms to bring their babies.

Last Wednesday, 10/10, I received another jury summons stating that my excuse has been denied. The summons noted that I need to be on jury duty the week of October 6. What?!! What am I going to do with Caleb? 10/6! It’s already 10/10. How can I be on jury duty now if I only just got my summons? Wait a second. 10/6? That was a Saturday. When have they ever started jury duty on a Saturday? Upon closer examination, Chris & I discovered that the date is actually October 6, 2008. Ha-ha… 2008! They postponed my jury duty for a year. Hope I remember it in a year.

Caleb’s 3 month pictures


Caleb’s rolling from his tummy to his back now… and every once in a while from his back to his tummy. He’s got 2 adorable laughs… one sounds kind of like a giggle… the other like “huh-huh” but with a huge toothless drooly grin.

Caleb went to his first concert last night – David Crowder Band – one of his daddy’s favorite Christian bands. He donned these hilarious infant hearing protection earmuffs. Wish I had a picture to show you, but they didn’t allow cameras into the House of Blues. We’ll take one at the National Youth Workers Convention this coming weekend.