Yes, Caleb likes trains.  But this mommy has held off buying him any.  Whenever he sees the Metro line off the freeway, I always get the joy of hearing “Oo-oooooo” (aka, choo-choo) screamed at Caris and me.

On the rare occasion that I go to the mall, Caleb loves the train ride.  Well, he loves watching it.  He always wants to go on, but then doesn’t quite enjoy the ride as much as actually running on, off, and around the train.  He’s always been too small/young to go on the train by himself, so this mommy has had to go with him.  I hate this train ride.  Caleb wants to get on so badly, but then he wants to get off before the ride is done.  And I get motion sick on things that go round and round and round and round.  This train goes around the track at least 20 times.  Aiyah!  Chris can’t take him since there’s a fairly low weight limit.  So, mommy gets train duty.  I have pupu to thank for all this since she’s the one who introduced Caleb to the train and bought him 20 train ride tickets. 

Ok, so I bring all this up because this past week, Caleb sees the train.  I’ve been telling him… “No train ride.  Mommy doesn’t like the train ride.  She gets sick.”  This time, Caleb looks at me and says, “train.  Caleb.  myself.”  What?  You want to ride the train by yourself?  Caleb says, “Self.”  Ok… you sure, Caleb?  So, finally, I let him get on.  And, you know what?  He had fun!





Travel Town Museum

On Saturday, we went to Travel Town Museum.  It was Caris and my first time, but Chris & Caleb have been there before for a “daddy/son day.”  We had lots of fun climbing up to see the insides of trains. 





We’re not sure exactly when this happened, but at some point, our son had a huge tear down the left back side of his pants.  He was wearing a dark blue onesie, so the tear wasn’t as obvious as it would have been if a white diaper was showing. 



On our way home from Travel Town, Caris started crying.  She was hungry.  We had cut it pretty close to her feeding time.  The freeway was trafficky, so we decided to pull off and feed her.  I nurse Caris.  Chris chases Caleb around the car.  About 30 minutes later, both kiddos are strapped in their car seats again and we’re on our way.  Caris starts crying again.  This time it’s a “I feel uncomfortable from too much gas and I need to spit-up” cry.  Caleb hates it when Caris cries.  And even more, I think he hates the attention Caris gets from us as we try to verbally soothe her from our front seats.  So, Caleb starts mimicking her cry, but only louder.  Caris gets even more upset with Caleb crying too.  2 crying kids in a car is no fun.  My maternal hormones are going crazy.  But the funny thing is that, as much as the crying was bothering me, it must have been bothering Chris just as much.  My normally calm-driving husband was now gripping the steering wheel and speeding up to try to get home faster.  I couldn’t help but bust out laughing.  I guess there are paternal hormones too??? 

All Aboard!

Yesterday afternoon, Caleb and I had a Daddy’s day.  We went to Travel Town Museum over at Griffith’s Park.  Now for those of you who know Caleb, there are certain things he likes.  He likes trains.  He likes trucks.  He likes dogs.  He likes ducks.  Pretty much, he’s interesting in anything he can get his hands on.  He’s now touched all these things now, except for ducks.  And I’m sure he would if he could chase the ducks down.