Chloe’s 2-Year Checkup

So, Chloe is definitely a third child.  It took me a month after her 2nd birthday to realize that we never took her in for her 2 year check-up with the pediatrician.  Then when I get there today, Dr. Yim tells me I forgot to bring her back after her 18-month appt to get her shots (since she was sick at that appt).  Oops.  Bad mommy.


Chloe did super well.  No crying at all with her vaccinations. 

Chloe’s “25-month” stats….

Weight = 28.5 pounds

Height = 34.5 inches


Here’s a picture of our Chloe – a total spitfire who can furrow her brow all morning long just for not getting the purple plate she wanted at breakfast.  Caleb and Caris, don’t even think about taking a toy from her lest you feel her wrath.  Chloe is a cutie, though.  Good thing for her!

2012-10-07 10.16.11-1