Chloe’s 2-Year Checkup

So, Chloe is definitely a third child.  It took me a month after her 2nd birthday to realize that we never took her in for her 2 year check-up with the pediatrician.  Then when I get there today, Dr. Yim tells me I forgot to bring her back after her 18-month appt to get her shots (since she was sick at that appt).  Oops.  Bad mommy.


Chloe did super well.  No crying at all with her vaccinations. 

Chloe’s “25-month” stats….

Weight = 28.5 pounds

Height = 34.5 inches


Here’s a picture of our Chloe – a total spitfire who can furrow her brow all morning long just for not getting the purple plate she wanted at breakfast.  Caleb and Caris, don’t even think about taking a toy from her lest you feel her wrath.  Chloe is a cutie, though.  Good thing for her!

2012-10-07 10.16.11-1

Chloe’s 15 month checkup

Little Chloe got out of getting shots today.  Since she’s been exposed to chickenpox, we decided it was better to wait out the incubation period before hitting her immune system with the MMR or giving her the varicella/chickenpox vaccine. 

Length: 32.25 inches (90%)

Weight: 22 pounds, 5oz (40%)



Chloe at 2 months

I feel like these 2 months have gone by so fast!  Each kid seems to be growing up faster.  Obviously, that’s not true.  I just have less time to take it all in compared to when I only had Caleb.

Chloe got her shots yesterday.  Ouchie!  She cried the whole way to the doctor’s office and the whole way back.  We thought we had a car seat baby when she was younger, but she has proven that the car seat is not her friend.  *sigh*

Weight = 12# 5oz

Height =  22.5”








Chloe’s Already 1-Month Old

1 Month has gone by already!  Chloe’s now 10lb, 5.5oz and 21.5 inches long. 

Breastfeeding is going well.

Unfortunately, she’s not the sleeper Chris & I wish for, but at least she likes the Ergo baby carrier.

She has an adorable smile, and loves to look around at everything.



Here’s a picture of me with Uncle Eric.  He’s funny.  I like him.



Here’s a picture of me with my friend Paige at church.  She’s a cutie too.



Auntie Laisa helping my exhausted mommy out.  Caris still gets too close to me.



Here I am chilling in mommy’s arms.


9-Month Shots

Caris got her 9-month shots today.  Her thighs are sporting some Charlie Brown blue bandaids.  Caleb got his influenza booster shot.  It’s a “I’m really out of it” benadryl day for him. 

OK, the 9-month stats for our baby girl…

Length – 28.5” (80%)

Weight – 18lbs, 6.5oz (45%)… and everybody tells us she looks so chubby!  Maybe it’s just an Asian thing to tell somebody their baby looks chubby.




Crawling Caris

So our little girl started crawling right before 6 months.  Well, kind of.  She did this modified form of crawling… she looked like a caterpillar.  Pretty much at the same time as this crawling developed, she began sitting up really well.  So, I started letting her just sit.  She seemed to really enjoy this upright position.  I didn’t let her practice tummy time as much.  So, then about a week ago, I started putting her back on her tummy more often.  Caris was not so happy about this change.  But, now she’s back to practicing her crawling.  She’s finally starting to get more control of her mobility, though she’s not yet doing full on hand-knee crawling yet. 



Caris & Chris

Caris is chatting it up.  Well, kind of.  This video was taken about a month ago… so, she’s more talkative now.

Caris & Solid Food

Caris had her first solids on Monday.  Rice cereal… yum, yum.




Here’s a video of this fun feeding adventure.  Yes, that’s Caleb in the background eating his breakfast.  Caleb’s a little jealous that his baby sister is getting so much feeding attention. 


Oh, and Caris had her first sippy cup on Thursday.  Like Caleb, she has skipped the use of bottles almost completely.  That’s our friend Camille in the first picture.






Caleb is in bed.  He should be asleep, but instead, I’m hearing this boy reciting letters of the alphabet and their corresponding sounds.  I can’t get mad.  His head is just full of letters.  I’m amazed at how God has made children’s brains into sponges.  They learn so much so quickly. 

I thought Caleb was too young to learn his alphabet and numbers.  Then I heard a neighbor mom talking about this DVD called the Letter Factory that taught her 3.5 year old all his letters and the sounds that go with the letters.  The next week, our friend Belinda came to visit and told me she had been using the DVD on her son.  So, we got the DVD.  I showed it to Caleb the day after his birthday party.  In 5 or 6 days, Caleb could say the whole alphabet and the their sounds.  I was amazed.  Every where we go, he notices letters. 


Recent Pictures

The AAP doesn’t recommend TV watching for kids until 5 years of age, but you know what?  Those “rules” go out the door when you quickly learn that your son sits still for at least 2 minutes when watching TV… just enough time for mommy or daddy to cut his fingernails and toe nails. 




Here’s a picture of Caleb in his forward-facing car seat.  He loves the view!  His index finger in his mouth has been a nearly permanent fixture for at least a week.  This boy is drool city.  He has all 8 of his incisors, his 2 top canines, and his four 2-year old molars.  His bottom 2 incisors are busting their way through the gums.  Caleb nearly has 16 of his 20 baby teeth.  Go Caleb! 



Here’s a fun video of me kicking my beach ball around.


I love to imitate mommy.  She butters her bagel.  I try to too.



Hold me, hold me.  “Bao-bao”



How much can I stuff into my snack cup?



Where’s Caleb?  Here I am!