So true…


God, You have some type of sense of humor giving us moms only 2 hands.

What do you do when 100% of your household is crying?  Just like crisis triage…  Figure out who can even be helped and who’s most in need of help.  If they’re just walking wounded, move them to the safe yellow mat and run, mommy, run. 

OK, maybe not the last part.  Praise God He reminds us how we are so not self-sufficient.  May I learn to rely on God for everything, especially for the wisdom I need to raise my beautiful children.  May I laugh and enjoy this season of life a whole lot.

Happy 10-Month Birthday!

Caleb turned 10 months today.  Caleb’s got the cruising thing down.  Give him a piece of furniture, a wall, a knee, a hand… and he’ll show you his cruising stuff.  He also tries to stand and walk on his own.  He doesn’t quite have the coordination down yet, but he’s trying.  He loves his little push toy walker. 

When he finally starts to walk well, we’re going to have to buy him his first pair of shoes.  He received some pass-me-downs from friends at church, but our son has big 5.5W feet and has outgrown all the shoes passed down to him already. 

It seems like he hasn’t stopped teething since the last 6 came in.  Animal-like gnawing and puddles of drool are commonplace, but Caleb still only has his 8 teeth.  No canines or molars yet.


This made me laugh.