Puke Away

blackberries, strawberries, spaghetti, hot dogs, rice krispies, and mango cake

Some of you may be disgusted by the picture above.  I apologize, but this is the reality that we have been dealing with the past few days.  That picture above was the start of everything.  After showing no signs of being sick that day, Caris decides to upchuck her dinner right after we walk in the door.  She had begun crying at the end of the car ride, so Yvonne was holding her, and I was holding Chloe in front of her. All of the sudden we hear her gag, and then *blurp*.

The sight was not pleasant to say the least.  At least we know why she was crying.  Yvonne bent her over as she started to puke, and put her down on her feet to grab some towels.  A few seconds later, she proceeds to throw up a little more.  I ask Caris if she’s okay, and she says “yeah.”  How do you spell relief?  V-O-M-I-T

Caris got sick Saturday night.  She’s been sick with the stomach flu all Sunday and Monday.


Yvonne has been careful in order to not transmit the stomach flu to the rest of the family.  We’ve used a good amount of chlorine bleach wipes.  And our hands are raw from washing them hundreds of times the past few days. The rest of the household had showed no signs of picking the stomach bug.  That was until 4am Tuesday night.

Caleb had been waking up a few times during the night complaining about his stomach hurting.  He didn’t have to go poop, so there was nothing I could really do.  After Chloe was fed at 4 in the morning, I went to go help her back to sleep. Caleb woke up screaming at about the same time.  That’s when he decided to puke twice, apparently on my side of the bed.


Thank God for Yvonne’s motherly instincts and lightning quick reflexes, she was able to catch all that puke in the bucket.  Whereas Daddy says, “I can’t do anything for you, Caleb. Go back to sleep,” Mommy says, “something’s not right.”  Good thing Mommy was there to catch the puke.  I would have been sleeping.

We’re praying Chloe doesn’t get this.  Baby puking and crying is not a fun thing to watch.  Praying that we don’t get it either.  We don’t put toys in our mouth, so that should at least help us.

Caris Out of the Crib (And out of bed)


Yesterday, Caris got started in her big girl bed.  No more crib for you, Caris.  We probably didn’t pick the best of nights to get her into a regular bed, since they were also adjusting to daylight saving time as well this weekend.  But we’ve procrastinated too long, and I had time to convert her bed in the afternoon.

Caleb and Caris are so different.  I was reading back at an old post of Caleb first getting into his big boy bed, and their responses have been much different.  Of course Caris has had the benefit of watching Caleb get into his bed for a few months, so that helps.

The first night did not go so well.  It wasn’t horrible, but it was good either.  We put the kids down around 8pm, which is technically an hour earlier than normal based on standard time.  We figured they would take a while to go to sleep, but not as long as they actually took.  After multiple times of telling them to stop playing and go to sleep, they finally fell asleep at 10:40pm, over two and a half hours after we put them to bed.

Once asleep, Caris did well. But anything the doesn’t involve her falling out of bed I would consider doing well.  She got over the falling out of bed quickly though, for tonight she did it.  We’re about to eat dinner downstairs, and we hear a big thump.  Originally we though it was Caleb knocking down the gate like he down earlier in the night, but nope, it was Caris falling out of bed.

We run upstairs and hear her crying. Caleb fesses up.

Caleb:  Caris fell out of bed.  We were talking and laughing, and she fell out of bed.

I’m glad Caleb is so willing to tell us what happened now.  I hope it stays that way.

I Can Spell “Ocean”

5:18 PM Yvonne: so, caleb kept saying "i can spell ocean"
  oh really, caleb?
 me: hehe
 Yvonne: no, not ocean – says caleb
5:19 PM lotion?
 me: lotion?
 Yvonne: no, not lotion and not water like ocean
 me: Can he really spell it?
 Yvonne: "ocean"
  what? – mommy
  caleb: U-R-C-H-I-N
 me: Urchin?
  Where he learn that word?
 Yvonne: Mommy: urchin?
5:20 PM Caleb: yeah, urchin…. i learned it from the apple
 me: haha
 Yvonne: did i tell you yesterday he spelled lion at the sink when he was washing his hands
5:28 PM Yvonne: he just spelled camel for me