My Shoes

So a few weeks ago, I got a new pair shoes.  Not just any pair of shoes, but ones with balls (basketball, baseball, football, soccer) on it.  And not only do they have balls on them, they also have lights on them.


Iloves those shoes.  Well, I should say that I loved those shoes.  Cause those shoes no longer exist in the Wong household.

That picture above shows me wearing one of the lighted ball shoes.  My other shoes happen to be in Daddy’s car that day.  Daddy was putting on my brown shoes, but I wanted my favorite light shoes.  Well, daddy forgot to switch the shoes after we got in the car.

Daddy forgets a lot of things. The next week Daddy remember to bring the shoes, but he was moving so fast.  We got to class and I had no shoes.  And then Daddy remembered where he left them.  He left them on top of the car.  My shoes went bye-bye.

That’s okay.  Grandma is going to buy me another pair of shoes with lights and balls.