Caleb Singing & Drumming Away

Caleb was having fun with the Rock Band drum set at Chris’ work.  Wish we could have gotten better video footage.  Caleb’s hilarious when he sings.


Caleb Etc.

Whee.  Caleb loves slides.  This would make pupu nervous.  Sorry, pupu… this mommy lets her son go down big slides by himself all the time.



Caleb eating his first sandwich.  Well, kind of.  We’ve offered sandwiches before, but this is the first time he ate it as a sandwich (versus taking it apart).  He even ate the dairy-free soy cheese and veganaise that I was trying out.




Caleb decided that he now likes spaghetti. 


Daddy caught this cute video of Caleb playing with his car/bead toy.


Yes, Caleb likes trains.  But this mommy has held off buying him any.  Whenever he sees the Metro line off the freeway, I always get the joy of hearing “Oo-oooooo” (aka, choo-choo) screamed at Caris and me.

On the rare occasion that I go to the mall, Caleb loves the train ride.  Well, he loves watching it.  He always wants to go on, but then doesn’t quite enjoy the ride as much as actually running on, off, and around the train.  He’s always been too small/young to go on the train by himself, so this mommy has had to go with him.  I hate this train ride.  Caleb wants to get on so badly, but then he wants to get off before the ride is done.  And I get motion sick on things that go round and round and round and round.  This train goes around the track at least 20 times.  Aiyah!  Chris can’t take him since there’s a fairly low weight limit.  So, mommy gets train duty.  I have pupu to thank for all this since she’s the one who introduced Caleb to the train and bought him 20 train ride tickets. 

Ok, so I bring all this up because this past week, Caleb sees the train.  I’ve been telling him… “No train ride.  Mommy doesn’t like the train ride.  She gets sick.”  This time, Caleb looks at me and says, “train.  Caleb.  myself.”  What?  You want to ride the train by yourself?  Caleb says, “Self.”  Ok… you sure, Caleb?  So, finally, I let him get on.  And, you know what?  He had fun!





Recent Pictures

The AAP doesn’t recommend TV watching for kids until 5 years of age, but you know what?  Those “rules” go out the door when you quickly learn that your son sits still for at least 2 minutes when watching TV… just enough time for mommy or daddy to cut his fingernails and toe nails. 




Here’s a picture of Caleb in his forward-facing car seat.  He loves the view!  His index finger in his mouth has been a nearly permanent fixture for at least a week.  This boy is drool city.  He has all 8 of his incisors, his 2 top canines, and his four 2-year old molars.  His bottom 2 incisors are busting their way through the gums.  Caleb nearly has 16 of his 20 baby teeth.  Go Caleb! 



Here’s a fun video of me kicking my beach ball around.


I love to imitate mommy.  She butters her bagel.  I try to too.



Hold me, hold me.  “Bao-bao”



How much can I stuff into my snack cup?



Where’s Caleb?  Here I am!



More about Me before I turn 13 months old

I like to sit on stairs. 


I still like to eat.  Aren’t I a cutie?


I love reading, and I love my cat Tommy.


I still love stacking… only higher now.  And, I like dumping things out for mommy to clean up again.  Sometimes I’ll actually put away my toys myself.


I love to imitate mommy.  She cleans, I clean (at least I try).



I have a new pair of shoes.  Well, grandma & grandpa bought them for me over a month ago.  These Stride Rite shoes are more expensive than any shoes mommy has ever bought (except for her rockclimbing or hiking shoes).  I didn’t like these shoes before.  They made me trip and fall.  This is a video of me trying on my 1st pair of shoes again a few days ago.  I like them much better now.


I still love music.  I used to dance by bouncing my butt up and down.  Now, I twirl/spin.


I’ve got 11 or more teeth now.  I got 3 molars in right after I turned one.  1 more waiting to pop out on the bottom left jaw.  My canines are coming out too.  Soon (maybe), I’ll have 16 teeth.  Almost done with getting all my baby teeth, and I’m not even 13 months old!

Toilet Paper Fun

Here’s a picture finally of the result of one episode of Caleb’s toilet paper fun.  He got distracted by Ellie our cat… otherwise, the result could have been much worse!


More Caleb Adventures

I forgot to mention that Caleb has discovered the fun water in our toilets.  If you’ve been to our place recently, we have to keep all the bathroom doors closed.  His bathroom has a toilet lock.  Otherwise, Caleb likes to lift up the toilet lid and throw his head and hands in the water to have some splashing fun.  No pictures of this.  Sorry.  When I see my son in the toilet, my first instinct is not to run and get the camera.

He also loves to unwind all our toilet paper.  He’s discovered that if he keeps turning the roll, the paper keeps falling down next to him.  This is pure joy for him.  No picture of this either. 

Our son has gotten quite a bit taller. He thinned out a lot.  But, he’s learned that he can reach even more things, not just by growing, but by standing on his tippy-toes.


Last week, I left Caleb in our childproof bedroom to go use the bathroom.  When i came out 1-2 minutes later, our son was smiling/clapping at me from the top of our dresser.  Yes, from the top.  He had systematically pulled out the drawers and climbed up.  And, yes, our son was clapping and obviously proud of himself.  No picture of this either.  I wasn’t about to leave my son 4 feet up on a dresser to run downstairs to get our camera.

I’m sure there’s more.  I have to remember to blog this stuff when it happens.