Car Seats Ready to Go

Chris and I made a decision to not get a van or bigger SUV.  It’s just too much of a financial commitment.  We weren’t sure if this was going to work or not, but 3 car seats can fit across the back seat of our compact SUV.  Our kids are going to have to deal with not having a lot of personal space.



On another note, my mommy nesting instincts are kicking into high gear.  I’m having trouble slowing my brain down with my “get ready for baby” task list swarming in my head.  Poor Chris.  He was so tired, but I made him set up the car seat late at night cuz I really needed to take one more thing off of my checklist.  I have a final paper for seminary class due on Sunday (tomorrow).  I have a lot of work to do to finish it, but I’m having trouble focusing to get it done.  Would love your prayers!

Our Fish Tank

So, Chris setup the fish tank Sunday night… almost.  All we got was the fish tank.  Here are pictures of Chris getting the fish used to their new water temperature.





Here are our fish in the tank.  They really do seem much happier.  No more fast-moving gills begging us to give them more air.  And we found them alive in the morning.  Yay.



We’re missing the cover/hood.  The tank came with one, but the switch was broken.  We quickly learned that we definitely need a cover with the kids around.

IMG_7225 IMG_7226


After 2 trips to Walmart to get the cover exchanged and to buy gravel (to keep the tank cleaner), extra filters (to keep the tank cleaner), and a couple decorations (for the fish to hide in when the cats and kids scare them), we now have our fish tank all set up.  Caris likes the fish too.

  IMG_7233IMG_7229 IMG_7228 IMG_7230


OK, fish… so for all this work in setting up a tank for you, you better not die on us.

New Additions to the Wong Family

No, I’m not referring to the baby girl we’re expecting in the next couple of weeks. 

The Wong Family now has 2 goldfish, compliments of the Duarte Library Carnival.  Caleb and Caris had all these tickets from participating in the summer reading program.  Caleb sees all these kids carrying goldfish in a bag, and tells Mommy that he wants a fish.  Mommy goes to Daddy and asks, "Should we get goldfish with these extra tickets?"  Instead of telling me that getting fish is a crazy idea, Daddy says, "Sure.  Every kid needs a fish."  Oh ok.  I don’t know anything about fish.  How hard can they be to take care of?  I’m sure I have some type of vase to throw these goldfish into. 



Now, 2 days later and 2 water changes, Daddy has just gotten back from Walmart at 11:15PM with a 10-gallon tank.  Apparently, goldfish are not as easy to maintain as we thought.  They tend to suffocate in their never-ending waste production when placed in small bowls that have too small of a surface area for good oxygenation.  *Sigh*  Our little 1/4 gallon vase is filthy and these poor fish are frantically seeking air at the top of the vase.



Chris & I are both too sympathetic to watch our fish die, so we now have a real fish tank.  Who’s going to feed these fish when we travel?  Any volunteers? 



Man, these fish better not die on us any time soon.  Caleb really likes these fish. I’ll post new pictures of our fish in their new tank once Chris gets done setting it up.

Prayer Requests for the Wong Family

Some of you may have received these prayer requests.  If not we’d welcome your prayers.  Thank you for your prayers.

Baby Wong #3

  • Born with no birth defects and has no developmental delays
  • Learns to breastfeed quickly without causing Yvonne any tenderness or pain
  • Feeds well and sleeps well. Sleeps through the night at an early age.
  • Not colicky
  • Easy temperament
  • Likes the car seat, swing, crib, etc.
  • No illnesses for at least the first 4 months
  • No eczema and no nasal or food allergies
  • Closeness to big brother and sister, Caleb & Caris


  • Adjustment to family life (less attention, noise, etc) with Baby Wong #3 and Caris
  • No regression in behavior/discipline, potty training, etc.
  • To be Illness-free for at least 4 months after Baby Wong #3 is born
  • Continued success with “growing out of” food allergies (to dairy and egg). Pray for relief of nut allergy.


  • Adjustment to family life (less attention, noise, etc) with Baby Wong #3 and Caleb
  • Gentleness with Baby Wong #3
  • Potty training – For Chris & Yvonne to recognize when Caris is ready and for the process to be learned smoothly with minimal frustrations
  • For when she moves to a big girl’s bed. Discernment for Chris & Yvonne to know when/how to make the move.
  • To be Illness-free for at least 4 months after Baby Wong #3 is born


  • Able to care for Yvonne – Sensitivity to her needs. Healthy, God-glorifying marital relationship.
  • Manage time well with family, work, studying and church responsibilities
  • Good health – Time for exercise, healthy food choices. No gout, high blood pressure, or elevated cholesterol.
  • No physical effects from sleep deprivation
  • Spiritual discipline
  • Fatherhood – Good intuition when caring for Caleb, Caris & Baby Wong #3 and wisdom to intentionally parent each child according to their God-given personality/strengths
  • Discernment for future – leading family into overseas ministry.


  • Normal platelet count and stable thyroid levels through the remainder of pregnancy and postpartum
  • Complete return of normal thyroid function after pregnancy.
  • Easy labor without complications – not just quick, but controlled & calm
  • No tearing and minimal bleeding during delivery; No postpartum hemorrhage (excessive bleeding)
  • Normal blood pressure during labor and following delivery – No fainting!
  • Quick physical, emotional, & spiritual postpartum recovery without postpartum depression
  • Wisdom and love as a wife & mom caring for 3 children
  • Time for self-care, including the ability to sleep and nap well
  • Amazing time management with school work at Fuller & ministry responsibilities.