Prayer Requests for the Wong Family

Some of you may have received these prayer requests.  If not we’d welcome your prayers.  Thank you for your prayers.

Baby Wong #3

  • Born with no birth defects and has no developmental delays
  • Learns to breastfeed quickly without causing Yvonne any tenderness or pain
  • Feeds well and sleeps well. Sleeps through the night at an early age.
  • Not colicky
  • Easy temperament
  • Likes the car seat, swing, crib, etc.
  • No illnesses for at least the first 4 months
  • No eczema and no nasal or food allergies
  • Closeness to big brother and sister, Caleb & Caris


  • Adjustment to family life (less attention, noise, etc) with Baby Wong #3 and Caris
  • No regression in behavior/discipline, potty training, etc.
  • To be Illness-free for at least 4 months after Baby Wong #3 is born
  • Continued success with “growing out of” food allergies (to dairy and egg). Pray for relief of nut allergy.


  • Adjustment to family life (less attention, noise, etc) with Baby Wong #3 and Caleb
  • Gentleness with Baby Wong #3
  • Potty training – For Chris & Yvonne to recognize when Caris is ready and for the process to be learned smoothly with minimal frustrations
  • For when she moves to a big girl’s bed. Discernment for Chris & Yvonne to know when/how to make the move.
  • To be Illness-free for at least 4 months after Baby Wong #3 is born


  • Able to care for Yvonne – Sensitivity to her needs. Healthy, God-glorifying marital relationship.
  • Manage time well with family, work, studying and church responsibilities
  • Good health – Time for exercise, healthy food choices. No gout, high blood pressure, or elevated cholesterol.
  • No physical effects from sleep deprivation
  • Spiritual discipline
  • Fatherhood – Good intuition when caring for Caleb, Caris & Baby Wong #3 and wisdom to intentionally parent each child according to their God-given personality/strengths
  • Discernment for future – leading family into overseas ministry.


  • Normal platelet count and stable thyroid levels through the remainder of pregnancy and postpartum
  • Complete return of normal thyroid function after pregnancy.
  • Easy labor without complications – not just quick, but controlled & calm
  • No tearing and minimal bleeding during delivery; No postpartum hemorrhage (excessive bleeding)
  • Normal blood pressure during labor and following delivery – No fainting!
  • Quick physical, emotional, & spiritual postpartum recovery without postpartum depression
  • Wisdom and love as a wife & mom caring for 3 children
  • Time for self-care, including the ability to sleep and nap well
  • Amazing time management with school work at Fuller & ministry responsibilities.

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