On the Road Again

We’re out in Louisville, KY!  This was Caris’ first plane flight ever.  She was great on the flight here.  She fed at take off.  And she fell asleep.  And she slept.  And slept and slept some more.  She finally woke up when we landed almost 4 hours later.



Caleb was good on the plane as well.  He didn’t sleep the 4 hours like Caris did.  But he was good nonetheless.  He only got his 25 minute nap, but he tried to push on.  He had good company with him though to keep him entertained.

He had is pacifier


He had Leakless


He had Chick Hicks


And he had his media player with Cars on it.


We got our rental car.  A Ford Edge.  Not a bad car.  Caris seems to like it as well.  At least in the front seat.


We originally booked a suite from the Galt House since they had special convention rates while we were here.  After traveling with Caleb, we found that staying in a suite is so much better than staying in the same room.  So the suite would have been nice, except we didn’t get one. We got an apartment instead.  You read that correctly.  An apartment.  So initially when Yvonne told me they upgraded us for free to an apartment, I was thinking maybe we get an extra room or something.  Something just a little bigger.  Oh gosh.  Check out this video.

The place has 2 furnished bedrooms, and plus another unfurnished room and “work” room.  That’s 4 rooms we have available to us.  We stuck Caleb in one room with no windows.  It looks like a closet.  And could very well be used for a closet.  But it works well nonetheless.  He sleeps well in there.


Caris on the other hand isn’t so lucky.  We could have stuffed her in the other room, but we only brought one monitor with us.  We were planning on staying in the same room with her so we didn’t think we’d need a monitor for her.  So no separate room for Caris.  Yup.  It’s not Caleb who gets stuck in the closet, but Caris.  It is a big closet by the way.

We have beautiful view of the waterfront.  Caleb likes the boats.  He greatly enjoys looking out there even when his diapers are barely hanging on.



General Council (C&MA convention) has been going well.  It just started officially tonight.  We’re all still on LA time zone so that means waking up at 10/11 AM and going to sleep at 11PM.  It works out fine until we’re looking for places open for dinner at 10PM.  Or when I have my 7AM Friday morning breakfast.  Or even tomorrow’s 9AM session.  Not going to be easy getting up in the morning. 


But it might be easy since Caris’ hasn’t been sleeping that well since we got here.  She’s constantly waking up in the middle of the night and taking short naps during the day.  She must know something isn’t right.  And the crib we got is so dang low it’s hard to put her down in.  Every time we lean over to put her down she’s up wide awake!  So we did the only thing we thought we could do.  Go to Walmart and buy her a bassinet and sleep nest.  It seems to work better, but she’s still not sleeping well.  I think tonight has been her best night of sleeping so far, but it’s only been 2 hours.  Keep sleeping, girl!

We did some vacation stuff.  We went to the zoo today.  Caleb liked it a lot.  It definitely seems more entertaining and kid friendly than the LA zoo.  It’s got a water park where Caleb ran around and I got soaked.


It’s got monkeys (or gorillas if you want to call them that) who pose at you.



And it’s got none of the exotic animals kids don’t care about.  It’s perfect.

We got Caleb a backpack before the trip so he can help carry stuff.  It’s cute.  He walked funny without it before.  It just gets even more funny.

Snug n Dry, My Butt

In the beginning when we first changed from cloth diapers to disposable ones, we kept trying to find the right one. At first we went with Huggies Snug n Dry. At that time, Caleb was maybe 8 or 9 months. Let’s just say the Snug n Dry might have kept his booty dry. But it sure didn’t keep his clothes dry. So we finally found Huggies Supreme, and they worked great for the most part.

The problem with the Huggies Supreme wasn’t their performance, but their price. They didn’t sell them at Price Club (Costco). They only sold the Snug n Dry diapers there and they were significantly cheaper than the Supremes we were using. So after 6 months, we tried to use the Snug n Drys again. Maybe after growing so much, and losing some of his chub they would work better And they worked well for the most part.

And then comes yesterday night. We were at the mall last night to get out and eat dinner. Caleb has been a pretty regular pooper. He usually goes 2-3 times every day, which is a lot, but still normal. Yesterday he had been pooping a lot. I had changed him 3 times already before we went to the mall. Number 4 came at the mall just as we were about to leave.

Now I (we) had a decision to make. We could change him there. But he was just going to go home and take shower anyways. So why change him and put him in a new diaper only to have to take it off again when we get home 10 minutes later?

So I decided to let him be. And let him sit in his stinky diaper. Let’s just say that didn’t turn out so well.

We get home and I take him out of his car seat. I notice my arm being a little wet, and when I hand him off to Yvonne, there’s a big ol’ brown spot on his back/butt.

Snug n Dry. Dry on the butt. Not on the clothes.

And a note to you Britax Boulevard car seat owners. If you get poop or any other foul smell on the car seat, it’s a pain in the butt to get the cover off. Just FYI.