Help Mommy

Caleb loves helping out.  He tries to do everything Mommy does.  Mommy’s learning to try to let Caleb help out more.  But, honestly, sometimes it’s just easier/faster to do things myself.  Mommy’s learning to let go…

Food Allergies

Little Caleb has had multiple sudden reactions to food he’s eaten.  We finally figured out what he’s allergic to… MILK!  oh my.  I love milk.  I love ice cream.  I love yogurt.  Caleb can’t have any, for now at least.  His first reaction at the end of March was to Beechnut rice cereal.  We knew he wasn’t allergic to rice since he’s had it before from another brand.  But this rice cereal has “whey” in it… a milk product.  Then at the beginning of May, Caleb had banana yogurt.  He’s had teaspoons of yogurt in the past, but this time, he ate a whole cup of it. 

We still weren’t completely convinced.  Maybe it was some other ingredient?  We offered Caleb some cottage cheese with mango a couple weeks ago.  He got hives all over his face and neck.  Poor Caleb! 



Chris tried this fish dish (the fish was poaches in milk, but that was it).  He turned red around his mouth.  This Monday, I fed him a small piece of whole-grain chip.  I noticed that familiar itchy redness start around his mouth too.  The chips were sour cream and chives.  No more milk products for you, baby boy.


So, Caleb had blood drawn 3 weeks ago for the pediatric allergist.  We got the results yesterday.  Caleb’s allergic to milk, casein, egg whites, peanuts, and oats.  Well, all of them are borderline allergies on his labwork, and may not be true allergies.  But, for now, the allergist says no milk or eggs until Caleb’s at least 2 (after he gets his blood tests repeated).  And no nuts at all including peanut butter until he’s at least 3 (if his blood test then is clear).  Caleb can have oats in moderation since he doesn’t seem to have had any reactions to his oatmeal. 

And, Caleb showed a slight increase in his IgE’s to cat dander.  Oh no!!!  It’s not very high.  But, the doctor warned that Caleb may develop a worse allergy to cats… or it just might disappear as he gets older.



11 Months Old

Caleb turned 11 months old on Tuesday.  We can’t believe Caleb’s almost one year old!

Over a week ago (last Thursday), Caleb took his first steps.  Well, he’s taken 1 or 2 steps on his own before this… but on Thursday, he walked to me in 5-6 steps.  He tried walking again today outside.  He still prefers to hold onto somebody’s hand or another object.  He also favors clinging to mommy’s legs as she walks around trying to get stuff done, making her do what she now calls the Caleb shuffle.



He’s been trying to feed himself more often.  Most of the time, he won’t eat unless he gets to try himself.  Yes, our son is determined.  And, yes, Caleb is messy.

Yummy hummus & a giant pretzel stick:


Caleb’s spinach fun:


Also, our son has started throwing infant tantrums.  I knew that we could expect them in the toddler years… close to 2 years old or so.  Did you know there are a few babies who throw tantrums?  Ours is one of them.  It used to be where we would take something away and he would just scream or cry.  A few days ago, I closed his bedroom door since it was time for him to get ready for his nap.  Caleb wanted to go out to keep playing (as always).  He took one look at the door, one look at me, and then flung himself on the floor on his back and starting hitting the floor with his legs/feet and arms/hands while screaming and crying.  Quite a sight. 

Here’s a short video of Caleb with Ellie’s (our kitty) collar.  He pulled it off her neck.  Each time Chris tries to touch it, Caleb yanks it away from him out of fear that it might get taken away.  This is just Caleb’s infant way of saying, “mine!!!!”  Did I mention we have a strong-willed child?

Also, on occasion, Caleb makes it very known that he doesn’t want to be put in his car seat.  He arches his back, yells/screams/cries… grabs at the mirror, at the window, at mommy’s hair.  This almost always seems to draw a slew of onlookers since Caleb rarely does his protests quietly.  No, Mommy is not abusing this child.  And, yes, Mommy is strict and still makes her child get into the car seat. 


Besides the tantrums, Caleb’s learning to do lots of fun stuff too.

Caleb is still a little scared of the vacuum cleaner sound, but he loves to play with the vacuum.  I can’t wait until he can help me clean.  Yay! (I know, I know… please just let me dream!)



Caleb likes to make himself comfy in his stroller



Caleb loves to clap.  Here’s a 1-second video of it.  We have another better one that we’ll put up once we download it.


Caleb loves to sort things.  Give him measuring cups.  Give him regular plastic cups.  Give him things to put into cups.  Give him rings.  Give him blocks.  Sorting things is fun, fun, fun. 

He even likes to put things where they don’t quite fit or belong.  Caleb, that block doesn’t fit into daddy’s xbox!



Caleb loves to go through cabinets, especially the ones we’ve chosen to not childlock.  He loves to pull things out of the cabinets/drawers.  And we always find unexpected gifts in cabinets too.  Mommy says to daddy, “Have you seen where Caleb’s green ring is?  He was just playing with it, but it’s missing now.  (10 minutes later) …Oh nevermind, I found it behind the extra diaper wipes, inside the closed cabinet that’s inside his closed bedroom closet.” 




I’m sure there’s lots more Caleb is learning to do, but this post is getting long.  So, bye for now!

Gonna get you, kitty

So, Caleb is learning to crawl.  Here’s some running commentary on one of his attempts.

I’m tired of playing with my ball. I see you, kitty.


I’m gonna get you, kitty.


Here I come.


Wait for me, kitty!!!


OK, so Caleb isn’t that fast yet.

10 pounder

Caleb’s 10 pounds now… well sorta… with onesies, socks, and a dry cloth diaper. He’s at least half the weight of one of our cats now. Watch out, Tommy & Ellie… Soon Caleb will be using you as pillows and having fun pulling your tails.