Food Allergies

Little Caleb has had multiple sudden reactions to food he’s eaten.  We finally figured out what he’s allergic to… MILK!  oh my.  I love milk.  I love ice cream.  I love yogurt.  Caleb can’t have any, for now at least.  His first reaction at the end of March was to Beechnut rice cereal.  We knew he wasn’t allergic to rice since he’s had it before from another brand.  But this rice cereal has “whey” in it… a milk product.  Then at the beginning of May, Caleb had banana yogurt.  He’s had teaspoons of yogurt in the past, but this time, he ate a whole cup of it. 

We still weren’t completely convinced.  Maybe it was some other ingredient?  We offered Caleb some cottage cheese with mango a couple weeks ago.  He got hives all over his face and neck.  Poor Caleb! 



Chris tried this fish dish (the fish was poaches in milk, but that was it).  He turned red around his mouth.  This Monday, I fed him a small piece of whole-grain chip.  I noticed that familiar itchy redness start around his mouth too.  The chips were sour cream and chives.  No more milk products for you, baby boy.


So, Caleb had blood drawn 3 weeks ago for the pediatric allergist.  We got the results yesterday.  Caleb’s allergic to milk, casein, egg whites, peanuts, and oats.  Well, all of them are borderline allergies on his labwork, and may not be true allergies.  But, for now, the allergist says no milk or eggs until Caleb’s at least 2 (after he gets his blood tests repeated).  And no nuts at all including peanut butter until he’s at least 3 (if his blood test then is clear).  Caleb can have oats in moderation since he doesn’t seem to have had any reactions to his oatmeal. 

And, Caleb showed a slight increase in his IgE’s to cat dander.  Oh no!!!  It’s not very high.  But, the doctor warned that Caleb may develop a worse allergy to cats… or it just might disappear as he gets older.



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  1. That might be why he had so many skin problems. He was probably itchy from inside too. Perhaps eliminating this from his diet will help him sleep better? We can only hope!

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