Closet Dweller

We’re going to Louisville in May for General Council. We booked a suite for the week, and it was assumed by both Yvonne and I that Caleb would be getting the bedroom and we would be sleeping in the living room.

But why does it have to be that way? Yes, Caleb is a very light sleeper and he is easily disturb. We can’t go walking around in his area of sleep after he’s down. We don’t want to be stuck where we are at (bedroom) after he’s asleep with no access to the bathroom or exit.

Question is… can Caleb sleep in the closet?

Now at first thought, that’s absurd, right? What parents in their right mind would put their son to sleep in the closet? But he gets his dark sleeping area. He won’t get disturbed by light, sounds and movement. He’s much smaller than us, but he still gets his own room. I mean we’ll lose some storage area, but that closet would be put to good use!

So, you choose.

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My 1st Trolley Ride

The city of Monrovia (the city right next to us) has this free trolley that goes through its Old Town district.  Caleb (and Caris) got their first trolley ride.

I parked, and we walked to the trolley stop.  There we waited.



And waited…



And waited…



Oh, and waited…



The trolley is supposed to come about every 15 minutes.  When it finally came (30+ minutes later), we found out that only 1 trolley was running for that afternoon.  Caleb was a trooper with all that waiting.  I pointed out every bus, van, & construction vehicle on the road.  We watched birds and airplanes.  We watched ants march underneath the bus bench.  Oh, and Caris was a trooper too.  She slept the whole time on me in the baby carrier.


Caleb loved the trolley ride.  He pointed at things and yelled out their names.  He impressed the trolley driver with his vocabulary.  I was impressed with the trolley driver for understanding Caleb.

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Caris Pics

OK, so we’re still not doing a great job of taking enough pictures of Caris, but here are some.  Most of them happen to be when she’s sleeping.













Here are a few awake pics:







My 1st Helmet

Grandma & grandpa are planning to buy Caleb his 1st bike/trike, so I took Caleb to our city public safety office where they sell children helmets for only $5.  The age range for the helmets is 3-9 years, but I figured Caleb has a pretty big head so he should be able to fit into a 3 year old helmet as long as they allow us to buy one.  They didn’t mind at all that Caleb was younger. 

Caleb was so good for the helmet fitting.  They started him with the toddler helmet, but nope it didn’t fit… too small.  Too bad cuz they had cute helmet designs.  Then, Caleb tried on a youth-small helmet.  It also didn’t fit.  What?!  My son is not even 22 months old yet.  Finally, they found one that fit… also a youth size small, but a wider fit.  I started laughing when they put it on (OK, OK, I know I’m not supposed to).  But, the helmet looked so big on him.  It looked like a motorcycle helmet.  Oh well.  At least we found something to protect Caleb’s precious noggin.  Chris still says that our boy’s head contains the cure for cancer.  I guess we better protect it. 


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Montezuma’s Revenge

Awh, I thought I had escaped the horrible virus that Caleb picked up last week that wreaked havoc on his intestines, leaving this mommy to wash 10+ loads of laundry in 3 days.  Monday, I couldn’t eat/drink.  I thought it passed cuz I felt so much better on Tuesday.  Felt so good that I enjoyed some Claim Jumpers that my dad bought when he visited.  Big mistake!  My tummy started hurting 3/4 way through the meal.  Then, Chris busts out cheesecake.  Of course, I have to eat some cheesecake too, right?  Argh.  In the middle of the night, the stomach and intestinal cramps started.  And, montezuma’s revenge has hit.  *Sigh*  Toilet and I are friends.  11 times so far since 6:17AM today.   Pray that Caris and Chris don’t pick up this yucky virus.  Pray that this mommy can keep up with 2 munchkins while trying to take care of herself too.

Oh, where did our health go?

Oh my goodness.  Our household has not been completely healthy in quite a while. Poor Caris is still trying to fight off this yucky cold.  This mommy hasn’t been able to fight it off herself yet, thus her little nursing baby girl is struggling a bit too.  Caris has got the cough/gag/hoarse throat that I’ve had.  Caleb was just getting better with his cold (still has the cough and slight congestion).  But now, Caleb has come down with gastroenteritis.  He caught some stomach bug from who knows where.  Last night, he started puking in his crib.  Actually, quite massive puking.  Chris saw him puke while he was watching Caleb in the monitor.  We cleaned him and the crib up.  In the morning, Caleb had puked in his crib again (not very massive though).  This morning, I gave him a light breakfast.  Everything came out…. everywhere.  And that was right after I changed his diaper/clothes from an explosive diarrheal poop that went up his back to his neck and down his legs.  Poor Caleb.

Please pray for Caris (and Chris and me)… that we don’t get this stomach virus.  Pray that health may once again be restored at the Wong household!


For those of you have been to my house, you may have noticed the ugly plants leading to our front door. And if ever get a chance to be around long enough with me around that front door, you’ll know that I HATE those plants along side the path.  I HATE THEM SO MUCH.  They’re ugly.  The leaves on the plants poke you, even through your pants.  They overgrow the path far too often.  I’m came to a point where I just cut off all the leaves just so they stay out of the path and out of my legs.


Whoever put these plants in made a bad decision.  Or maybe he/she/they didn’t realize how ugly these plants would be.  Or how pokey they are.  Or maybe they just had bad taste.  Whatever the reason, those plants suck.

Caleb likes to run around.  But he still doesn’t have the best of balance yet.  He’s still falling constantly when he’s running.  He was playing around outside this afternoon with mommy, when he came running up to her while she was putting the trash cans away.

He fell.  He fell into the plant.




Those are the spikes sticking out his skin.

Answering the Phone

Caleb has always liked electronics.  He’s always liked cell phones.  As he grows bigger and older, he’s finding out how to use things properly.  Things like a cell phone.  He still doesn’t talk where people can understand.  But at least he’s trying to have a conversation.