Oh, where did our health go?

Oh my goodness.  Our household has not been completely healthy in quite a while. Poor Caris is still trying to fight off this yucky cold.  This mommy hasn’t been able to fight it off herself yet, thus her little nursing baby girl is struggling a bit too.  Caris has got the cough/gag/hoarse throat that I’ve had.  Caleb was just getting better with his cold (still has the cough and slight congestion).  But now, Caleb has come down with gastroenteritis.  He caught some stomach bug from who knows where.  Last night, he started puking in his crib.  Actually, quite massive puking.  Chris saw him puke while he was watching Caleb in the monitor.  We cleaned him and the crib up.  In the morning, Caleb had puked in his crib again (not very massive though).  This morning, I gave him a light breakfast.  Everything came out…. everywhere.  And that was right after I changed his diaper/clothes from an explosive diarrheal poop that went up his back to his neck and down his legs.  Poor Caleb.

Please pray for Caris (and Chris and me)… that we don’t get this stomach virus.  Pray that health may once again be restored at the Wong household!

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