Brother & Sister

Caleb & Caris really do like each other.  It’s pretty cute to see.  Caleb gets very concerned if he thinks I might be forgetting “mei-mei” (little sister in Mandarin) in the car.  Caris always flashes a big grin when she sees “ge-ge” (big brother).




(Notice the kitchen stool Caleb used to find his way into Caris’ play yard)



They’re even starting to sleep the same way at the same time.  Mind you, they’re in different rooms.  Strange.




Caleb still does get jealous that Caris does certain things he doesn’t get to do. And, he’s not so happy that Caris is now taking his toys and exploring them with her mouth.  His favorite phrase with her now is, “Sister, no… Stop!  Mei-mei, no, stop.  Mine. Caleb’s.”