Our New Child

I’m not talking about Caris.  But I’m talking about our Compassion International child.  Yvonne and I have been sponsoring a child since before we got married.  We decided to sponsor one at the National Youth Worker’s Convention the year we got married.  Our first sponsored child was named Elizabeth, chosen by me because of her name.

Elizabeth was from Peru.  I think at the time we sponsored her she was only 3 years old.  But we wrote to her.  We sent her pictures.  For I believe 2 years we had sponsored her.  Then Compassion sent us a letter telling us that she was no longer part of the program.  I believe her family started to make enough money and didn’t need to assistance anymore.  Something like that.  Which means we lost our child.

After losing Elizabeth, we were once again at the NYWC choosing another child.  Another little girl from Peru named Mariangela.  She was a cutie pie just like Elizabeth was.  We’ve been writing her and sending her pictures for the past year and a half.  We got exciting with every new letter we received from her with the new pictures.  And then again it happens.  Compassion calls and tells us she’s not part of the program anymore cause she moved out of the area.

So we were out looking for another sponsored child.  We found an 8 year old girl from Peru named Susan.  We’re looking forward to writing to her.  And also looking forward to see her actually write back.  Our previous sponsored children all had teachers write on their behalf.  It’ll be fun to actually write to the person.

For those of you who don’t know what Compassion is, please check them out.  It’s been such a blessing since sponsoring a child.