Chloe’s Pediatric Unit Room

Here’s Chloe in her hospital room.  Cute little animal designs on the walls.  Chloe was getting so fussy.  She had stopped breastfeeding well and wouldn’t take her supplemental formula feeding.  Baby Chloe was not a happy camper on her bili-bed.  She was driving this mommy’s hormones crazy with all her crying.  Thank you, Tom, for watching the kids so Chris could come help me at the hospital.  It was such a relief to not be by myself with Chloe’s non-stop crying.  I was getting flashbacks of Caleb’s colicky cries.  Despite Daddy’s soothing and our switch from finger feeding to bottle feeding, Chloe’s still crying up a storm.  Finally, the charge nurse takes Chloe and puts her on her tummy.  She settles… praise God!  This mommy goes to sleep.  Daddy goes back home to Caleb and Caris.  Chloe starts to feed well again.  Yay for pee.  Now she just needs to start pooping again.  Bilirubin be gone.





Next to my bed is all the breast pump stuff and supplemental feeding supplies.  Process of feeding Chloe: Breastfeed on the left side, then the right side.  Supplemental formula feed using a feeding tube attached to my finger or my breast.  Then pump, pump, pump so I can get my milk supply in.



You can’t see in the picture, but in front of my bed is another table for my computer where I get to do these updates and try to work on my last assignments for a summer class at Fuller. 

Thank you, God, for taking care of our little girl and bringing her some quiet moments now on her bili-bed.  This mommy is relieved!

Bye, Bye Bilirubin

Chloe on her Bili-Bed.  We’re still in the OB unit, waiting for transfer.  Baby Chloe is in her little bili-bed wrapped in a blanket with UV.  She’ll head over to the pediatric unit later where she’ll be under the double lights.