Arts and Crafts


A tube of paint exploded on me.  I was too strong for the bottle. However bad it looks, this is very representative of my arts and crafts skill.


Caleb’s been taking a soccer class since mid-July.  One more Saturday class left.  He’s the youngest in this mommy/daddy & me class. 




Kiddie Kandids, 2009-08-10

So we’ve been taking Caleb & Caris to Kiddie Kandids at Babies R Us for their major pictures.  It just so happened that we got Caleb’s 2 year pictures, and Caris’ 6 month pictures done at the same time.  So we have to take pictures with them as well.  Color & picture coordinated, here they are.









Caris & Chris

Caris is chatting it up.  Well, kind of.  This video was taken about a month ago… so, she’s more talkative now.

A Belated Father’s Day Post

This past Father’s Day, I made matching shirts for Chris and our kiddos.  Here’s my cute family.  The year before for Father’s Day, I told Chris we were pregnant again.  A year later, we have our adorable daughter with us.  A family of four…. So cute… and obviously very blessed.  🙂


Thank you, Chris, for being such a devoted daddy and hubby.  As my husband would say…. Family comes first. 

HFMD (con’t)

So, we’re better today.  I was a bit worried about Caris last night.  She was hungry, but cried every time she tried to latch on to nurse.  Her mouth was hurting from all her sores.  She kept crying throughout the night, but Chris did a great job calming her down.  When morning came, Caris finally had a pretty good feeding… then a wet diaper.  Yay!  She fed again 2 hours later before she saw the doctor.  She has at least 10 sores on her throat and heaps of them on her tongue.  Poor Caris. 

IMG_4037 (Chris finally getting a chance to sleep.)


I saw the doctor today too.  It’s my first time seeing a doctor for “sick” reasons in years.  I’ve never met my doctor on this insurance, and I need updated lab work done anyways.  She looked in my mouth and was amazed at how many sores I had.  She noted that I must have at least 50-60 lesions in my mouth and throat.  This definitely hurts.  So far, cheese and almond milk are friends of this lesion-ridden mouth.  Hee-hee, I have lesions elsewhere too…. palms of my hands, the soles of my feet, etc. 


(OK, so we couldn’t really get a good picture of these strange sores.  Oh well.  This is really not a very flattering picture.  Another oh well.)


Caleb’s doing better.  Still has mouth/throat sores, but able to eat & drink.  But, big brother is jealous of baby sister Caris getting so much attention now.  He does not like watching mommy try to nurse her so frequently…. or daddy holding her so much trying to soothe her.  *sigh*

So far, Chris is doing well.  Praise God.  Pray for him to figure out how to get all his work done in a timely manner.  He had to stay home to help me today.  We leave for General Council in 5 days.  Chris has deadlines at work he has to complete before we go.  Hard for him to keep up with work when he has to take care of the 3 of us.

Thanks for praying for us!

My Shoes

So a few weeks ago, I got a new pair shoes.  Not just any pair of shoes, but ones with balls (basketball, baseball, football, soccer) on it.  And not only do they have balls on them, they also have lights on them.


Iloves those shoes.  Well, I should say that I loved those shoes.  Cause those shoes no longer exist in the Wong household.

That picture above shows me wearing one of the lighted ball shoes.  My other shoes happen to be in Daddy’s car that day.  Daddy was putting on my brown shoes, but I wanted my favorite light shoes.  Well, daddy forgot to switch the shoes after we got in the car.

Daddy forgets a lot of things. The next week Daddy remember to bring the shoes, but he was moving so fast.  We got to class and I had no shoes.  And then Daddy remembered where he left them.  He left them on top of the car.  My shoes went bye-bye.

That’s okay.  Grandma is going to buy me another pair of shoes with lights and balls.

Baby Wong #2 has a name…

Caris Elisabeth Wong

That’s right, ladies & gents, we’re having a GIRL!

Caris = greek word for grace

Elisabeth = “My God is a vow”  … but really this is a name that Chris chose for his daughter a decade ago before he was ever married… actually, before he ever knew he’d marry Yvonne… or ever have a daughter.  So, it’s a name Chris likes, but it has a neat meaning too.

6 more weeks until our due date… 2/14/09.  Can’t wait to meet you, Caris!  Even big brother Caleb knows that there’s a “bebe” in mommy’s tummy.