Baby Name

Side note:  Caris is farting up a storm right now.

We had decided early on what the name of our girl was going to be.  It was just a matter of deciding if was going to be Caris Elisabeth or Elisabeth Caris.  Now if she had been a boy, that’s a whole different matter.  We had trouble coming up with Caleb’s name.  Now we’d have to come up with another name?

Well I was still pushing for Obadiah (Obi-Wong).  But Yvonne would have none of that.  I think Obi would have love that name.  We eventually settled with Nathan as the first name.  For the middle name, we were going to go with Ezra, I think.  Unless that name meant something like Caleb Joshua.  A very bold meaning in Caleb’s name and so far he’s lived up to it.  We wanted to avoid naming our child a name with a meaning that’s active like Caleb’s.  Nathan Ezra would have been it.

But God has given us our girl.  We may never have a need to use Nathan Ezra unless we decide to have another again.  If that’s the case, then we’ll have to come up with a girl’s name.  I’ve already got her first name picked out.  Hopefully Yvonne won’t veto this one as well.